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Day 85 – Hello February

And just like that, the second month of 2018 is here. February is going to be a busy month for J. Which means, I gotta equip myself to spend more time with myself. Thank you so much to everybody who wished us on yesterday’s post.I usually make a video for our wedding anniversary with pics and… Continue reading Day 85 – Hello February

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Day 84 – On turning 3

Dear J The other day somebody asked me how we manage our disagreements. This got me thinking. You have been extremely patient with my tantrums and have stood still through good and extremely ugly days. I do not know how you put me first and make my comfort a priority ALWAYS. ❤ Many call me selfish… Continue reading Day 84 – On turning 3

100 Happy Days 2017 · Blogathon 2018

Day 82 – Feeling happy

Is it because of the conversation I had with the friend about a challenge we both face? Or because the tiny steps I took towards being more organised is showing? Or because the husband cooked dinner? Or because of the positive comments I got on something I did? Or because I find more time to… Continue reading Day 82 – Feeling happy

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Day 81 – A wall poster Sunday

These are very refreshing wordings, aren’t they. Have been thinking of putting this on the wall. Today was the day. Printed this out. Stuck black washi tape to look like it’s framed 😉. Hit in four 📌 and tada.. PS – Post production work by J who thought black and white was not cool. 🤦‍♀️

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Day 78 – Mathan erissery

For non-Malayalees, Erissery is a traditional Kerala dish and a staple in Kerala sadya. It is a combination of a vegetable and cowpeas, both cooked soft with ground coconut paste and seasoned with roasted coconut. Mathan erissery is erissery made with pumpkin. Year 2015. We invited two of our friends for dinner. It was a farewell dinner as… Continue reading Day 78 – Mathan erissery

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Day 75 – The weekend it was

This morning, as we were trying to get back to the routine, we felt as if we are just back from a long vacation at some exotic destination. This sums up how we spent the weekend. It was just one night away from home, at our friends – P&G’s place. But it was a fun… Continue reading Day 75 – The weekend it was

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Day 74 – Phone and me

*Rant alert* At this birthday party I attended last week, I felt bad that nobody was clapping / singing happy birthday while cutting the cake. Everybody was filming and taking pics on their phones. I felt odd that I was the only one who was clapping. Why? Because I didn’t carry my phone. 🤪 Jokes… Continue reading Day 74 – Phone and me