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Day 9 – Being stupid

Driving back from LA on a summer evening, while we knew that it should ideally take us to I-5 North to San Francisco, we noticed that our GPS is acting weirdly directing us through little streets and residential area. We followed her blindly for 20 minutes or so and then switched to Google Maps on my… Continue reading Day 9 – Being stupid

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Day 8 – Watching movies with friends

Watching Indian movies in big screen is something we miss after moving to this place. We used to watch all Malayalam movies and most of the Tamil and Hindi movies when we were in California. Though it is just the two of us most of the time, we occasionally go with friends for English and… Continue reading Day 8 – Watching movies with friends

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Day 7 – Parents’ visit

In 2010 or so, I somehow landed on Preeti Shenoy‘s blog. Her blog was called Just a mother of two then. I instantly liked her simple style of presentation and started following her posts. Not just her posts, I read her interviews, her newspaper columns and everything about her on Google. I came across the… Continue reading Day 7 – Parents’ visit

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Day 6 – Old conversations

I started typing on a completely different topic a few hours ago. I couldn’t recollect something and had to dig into my G-Talk chat history for it. One thing led to the other and I spent the last few hours reading the chat conversation from 2011 between me and my BFF. I couldn’t stop laughing… Continue reading Day 6 – Old conversations

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Day 5 – Trying new dishes

Hubby has been craving for malpuas ever since Diwali.. It is one of his favorites from childhood.. I have never had them.. Looking at the recipes, I knew I cannot tolerate that level of sweetness. Putting an end to the procrastination, I picked up the easiest recipe and tried it today. Hubby was impressed.. And… Continue reading Day 5 – Trying new dishes

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Day 4 – Laidback Saturday

I woke up irritated with severe cramps and bloating. To top it all, I threw up first thing in the morning. What a fantastic way to start a weekend, I told myself. It is a Saturday and I had plans to visit the Annual Christmas Market. But I had to cancel everything and stay at… Continue reading Day 4 – Laidback Saturday

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Day 3 – Kitchen garden

I have a picture of balcony with lot of plants whenever I think of having our own apartment some day. I always wanted to have a kitchen garden. This is our first house with a patio. That too, it gets good amount of sunlight throughout the day. When I moved in here, it was early autumn.… Continue reading Day 3 – Kitchen garden

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Day 2 – Watching a game live

We went to see a live game yesterday night. I have never been to a pro game. That too ice hockey!! I didn’t even know that it is a thing until Jay brought home the tickets last week. We went without knowing much about the game. It was really exciting. There is nothing quite like being… Continue reading Day 2 – Watching a game live

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Day 1 – Halloween hopping

Maya has thrown in a 100 happy days challenge.. I have been thinking of posting something for some days now, but never happened. When I saw her post, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to dust off my blog.. Well.. Not really.. Cos’ it is Halloween and dust and cobwebs are just part of… Continue reading Day 1 – Halloween hopping

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Salt Lake City – Day 1

Salt Lake City is 5 hours drive from our place. On our initial research, we found nothing much impressive worth the drive. But we dig further and came up with a list of things to do which was impossible to fit into a weekend trip. So we had to push many attractions for another day… Continue reading Salt Lake City – Day 1

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First time camping – The conclusion

Continued from here After the long wait, it was finally time to go camping. The previous night we got some picnic supplies, juices, snacks etc and packed everything. We thought of squeezing into one car. But though the stay was just for a night, the luggage (the blankets, the marinated meat, ice trays, drinking water)… Continue reading First time camping – The conclusion

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First time camping – The beginning

Out of blue, I developed a strong desire to go camping somewhere around 2015 end. It was one of those things which I wanted to experience before we leave US. I once casually mentioned this to a good friend. Came summer 2016, her family was invited to join a group of families who were planning… Continue reading First time camping – The beginning