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Day 96 – A tiny start

Before the zeal I picked from this event goes off, I took the first step towards growing something in my balcony. I had kept aside a garlic bulb which had two teeny shoots peeping out. Also when I picked spring onion from the store this weekend, I picked the one which has maximum roots on it.… Continue reading Day 96 – A tiny start

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Day 78 – Mathan erissery

For non-Malayalees, Erissery is a traditional Kerala dish and a staple in Kerala sadya. It is a combination of a vegetable and cowpeas, both cooked soft with ground coconut paste and seasoned with roasted coconut. Mathan erissery is erissery made with pumpkin. Year 2015. We invited two of our friends for dinner. It was a farewell dinner as… Continue reading Day 78 – Mathan erissery

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Day 70 – The party

Remember the birthday party I was talking about yesterday. Honestly, I didn’t want to attend it. It was one from a group with whom I couldn’t make a connection. I have been to a couple of parties before where these same set of people were invited. As I couldn’t make meaningful conversation with the adults… Continue reading Day 70 – The party

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Day 67 – Shutterfly

Any other fans of these orange envelopes here? I love the idea of personalised gifts and hence am a huge fan of Shutterfly. I have burned my fingers with a fraudulent website a few years back. So I am very skeptical about online shopping outside Amazon and Flipkart. Knowing my craze for fridge magnets, a… Continue reading Day 67 – Shutterfly

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Day 65 – Looking back at 2017

It’s already a week into 2018 and I finally got time to sit down and think of the year that went by. It has been quite an eventful year. The year started with a massive winter and record high snowfall followed by an extended summer. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly my parents visiting… Continue reading Day 65 – Looking back at 2017

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Day 64 – A winter hike adventure..

I saw the pic of this waterfall on Instagram recently which was just an hour away from here. We read up a bit about it and hiked yesterday.. Google said it was a kutty hike of half a mile. It was a snow covered pretty trail which runs alongside and eventually crosses a creek. We… Continue reading Day 64 – A winter hike adventure..

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Day 62 – Show off

#1 My biriyani came out well yesterday. My friend from Orissa, her husband from Gujarat and my Bihar brought up husband relished my Kerala fish biriyani. Thanks to all the YouTube cooking channels. I would have have been dead without them. #2 Showing off what P brought us from India. I must say she almost… Continue reading Day 62 – Show off

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Day 61 – A quick post

Making a quick post because if I miss posting Ani will complain to Maya 😭 My friend P is coming back from India. After the flop biriyani last week, I am daring another one today for P and her husband who will be staying with us tonight. All of you please take two minutes of… Continue reading Day 61 – A quick post

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Day 54 – A white Christmas

See what I woke up to.. We took a walk to capture the white Christmas and enjoy the snow this morning. This time, the winter is pleasant, as per the locals. We really enjoyed the snow this year. Last year, it took weeks to melt the snow unlike this year. We will be moving back… Continue reading Day 54 – A white Christmas

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Day 53 – A new find..

J is crazy about gadgets.. He had the habit of buying every new gadget in the market. But things have changed over the years. He has shifted to a need-based shopper now. Remember our declutter marathon? A lot of gadgets lying around which was barely used ended up in the recycle / trade-in bin of… Continue reading Day 53 – A new find..

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Day 52 – This holiday season..

…is the best. We really got into the Christmas spirit this year. No.. I did not bake a plum cake.. Nor am I throwing a Christmas party. For the first time, I made a Christmas tree myself and is quite proud of the outcome. We attended the holiday parade and the Festival of trees. We… Continue reading Day 52 – This holiday season..