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Day 84 – On turning 3

Dear J The other day somebody asked me how we manage our disagreements. This got me thinking. You have been extremely patient with my tantrums and have stood still through good and extremely ugly days. I do not know how you put me first and make my comfort a priority ALWAYS. ❤ Many call me selfish… Continue reading Day 84 – On turning 3

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Day 78 – Mathan erissery

For non-Malayalees, Erissery is a traditional Kerala dish and a staple in Kerala sadya. It is a combination of a vegetable and cowpeas, both cooked soft with ground coconut paste and seasoned with roasted coconut. Mathan erissery is erissery made with pumpkin. Year 2015. We invited two of our friends for dinner. It was a farewell dinner as… Continue reading Day 78 – Mathan erissery

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Day 66 – In laws

Posting this inspired by Snow’s amma and Zidane’s amma’s posts on FIL.. 🤪 I have never really lived with my in laws, except for a week or so during 2016 India trip. MIL was here with us for two months immediately after marriage. I am closer to my FIL than MIL. It was like so… Continue reading Day 66 – In laws

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Day 65 – Looking back at 2017

It’s already a week into 2018 and I finally got time to sit down and think of the year that went by. It has been quite an eventful year. The year started with a massive winter and record high snowfall followed by an extended summer. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly my parents visiting… Continue reading Day 65 – Looking back at 2017

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Day 49 – A morning call

My friend circle is small. There was a time when I thought I had many. But not many stayed for long. The ones I thought are for a lifetime drifted away; the ones I did not like much initially, stayed 😉 Life is strange. The ones I have now are so close to my heart.… Continue reading Day 49 – A morning call

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Day 46 – Egg puffs

Egg puffs from the local bakery was a childhood favorite of mine – hot and flaky. It’s a popular snack in bakeries of Kerala along with plum cake. I mostly stole the layered flaky crust of amma’s share as well and gave her the layer closest to masala. 😬 Cutlet was another fav. It has… Continue reading Day 46 – Egg puffs

100 Happy Days 2017 · Sweet memories

Day 43 – Ad memories

We randomly picked Liril soap from Indian store this weekend. Today, when I opened and inhaled the box, I could picture Preity Zinta dancing in a waterfall singing laa la la. As I proceeded to bath, the ad kept playing in my mind. After sometime, I unknowingly hummed aaya naya ujala, chaar boondon waala and… Continue reading Day 43 – Ad memories

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Day 39 – Christmas memories

Walking back home after a grocery run, we saw a Christmas tree sale set up in a parking lot. It got us talking about Christmas of our childhood. I don’t see a lot of Christmas stars here as seen in India. Every house has a Christmas tree and decor lights. Hanging the Christmas star is… Continue reading Day 39 – Christmas memories

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Day 31 – Upma realisations..

We moved out from the joint family to the new home when I was in 10th. Both my parents were working then and everybody had to get out of the house max by 8.30. My sister and I went nowhere near the kitchen to help Amma. Even when I came home from hostel for weekends, I… Continue reading Day 31 – Upma realisations..

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Day 6 – Old conversations

I started typing on a completely different topic a few hours ago. I couldn’t recollect something and had to dig into my G-Talk chat history for it. One thing led to the other and I spent the last few hours reading the chat conversation from 2011 between me and my BFF. I couldn’t stop laughing… Continue reading Day 6 – Old conversations