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Day 67 – Shutterfly

Any other fans of these orange envelopes here? I love the idea of personalised gifts and hence am a huge fan of Shutterfly. I have burned my fingers with a fraudulent website a few years back. So I am very skeptical about online shopping outside Amazon and Flipkart. Knowing my craze for fridge magnets, a… Continue reading Day 67 – Shutterfly

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Day 66 – In laws

Posting this inspired by Snow’s amma and Zidane’s amma’s posts on FIL.. 🤪 I have never really lived with my in laws, except for a week or so during 2016 India trip. MIL was here with us for two months immediately after marriage. I am closer to my FIL than MIL. It was like so… Continue reading Day 66 – In laws

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Day 65 – Looking back at 2017

It’s already a week into 2018 and I finally got time to sit down and think of the year that went by. It has been quite an eventful year. The year started with a massive winter and record high snowfall followed by an extended summer. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly my parents visiting… Continue reading Day 65 – Looking back at 2017

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Day 42 – Here is a proud sister..

I was sitting on the edge of my chair watching it live from the opposite hemisphere, when my little cousin brother walked across the stage to receive his Masters. Thanks to technology! His whatsapp status today read “everything u want is a dream away.” Yes.. he dreamt it and achieved it. Two years ago, when… Continue reading Day 42 – Here is a proud sister..

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Day 31 – Upma realisations..

We moved out from the joint family to the new home when I was in 10th. Both my parents were working then and everybody had to get out of the house max by 8.30. My sister and I went nowhere near the kitchen to help Amma. Even when I came home from hostel for weekends, I… Continue reading Day 31 – Upma realisations..

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Day 27 – FaceTimes with Amma

Long FaceTime conversations with amma is an important part of my day. We speak for an hour in the morning/ evening everyday. She calls either before going to sleep or as first thing in the morning when she gets up. J often wonders what’s it that we talk everyday for so long. His weekly once… Continue reading Day 27 – FaceTimes with Amma

100 Happy Days 2017 · Family

Day 15 – Never ending group chat

We, the eight cousins from my dad’s side, have a hyper active whatsapp group. The eldest is 40 something and the youngest is 23. We have global presence. I am here in US, one is in Australia, another one in Ireland and the rest in India. With services in four continents, we are planning to… Continue reading Day 15 – Never ending group chat

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Weekend Coffee Share

Hello hello! It has been a long time since I posted something or commented on my fav blogs. But I am reading you.. I am too lazy to log in to my WP these days. I have a lot to update here, but I really don’t do it because i don’t know where to start… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share

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Hello from India!

It has been almost a month since I flew down. As I mentioned in my previous post, it was a surprise for all.. First my parents. They were surprised, anxious, happy and worried – all at a time. They were worried why I landed all on a sudden.. That too, without Jay. They wanted to… Continue reading Hello from India!

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Day 84 of 100 Happy Days – When Malayalam calendar crossed seven seas

My dad is a perfectionist. In his 34 years of service, he was a Gazetted Officer for the last few years. He knows even the tiny teeny law points of Kerala Service Rules and Kerala Education Rules. He is a walking encyclopedia who was consulted by most of his colleagues. Not just in his field,… Continue reading Day 84 of 100 Happy Days – When Malayalam calendar crossed seven seas

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Day 51 of 100 Happy Days- Crafty niece

Happiness is neice .. ..taking over your crafty genes.. Niece1 is 5 years. She loves art and craft. We both have done so much of crafting whenever we met. Now I miss her n ahe misses me.. On every other Skype she checks with me on when am I coming back to India. Since, I… Continue reading Day 51 of 100 Happy Days- Crafty niece