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How to murder a soup!

🔺Made a soup. 🔺Garnished with coriander leaves and spring onion greens. (👆 Don’t you dare to ask me what kinda combination that is. Had to use them all up before it commits suicide) 🔺Presented it to the best of my plating skills with breadsticks and spoon by the side. 🔺Took a pic. 🔺Shared with Amma… Continue reading How to murder a soup!

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Day 78 – Mathan erissery

For non-Malayalees, Erissery is a traditional Kerala dish and a staple in Kerala sadya. It is a combination of a vegetable and cowpeas, both cooked soft with ground coconut paste and seasoned with roasted coconut. Mathan erissery is erissery made with pumpkin. Year 2015. We invited two of our friends for dinner. It was a farewell dinner as… Continue reading Day 78 – Mathan erissery

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Day 68 – Meal planning

This post is more of a reminder to myself. Putting it out here in the hope that it will change me. 😜 Indian store was a stone’s throw away in Bay area. There were instances when I have ran to the store across the street to get that little something half way through cooking. I… Continue reading Day 68 – Meal planning

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Day 62 – Show off

#1 My biriyani came out well yesterday. My friend from Orissa, her husband from Gujarat and my Bihar brought up husband relished my Kerala fish biriyani. Thanks to all the YouTube cooking channels. I would have have been dead without them. #2 Showing off what P brought us from India. I must say she almost… Continue reading Day 62 – Show off

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Day 61 – A quick post

Making a quick post because if I miss posting Ani will complain to Maya 😭 My friend P is coming back from India. After the flop biriyani last week, I am daring another one today for P and her husband who will be staying with us tonight. All of you please take two minutes of… Continue reading Day 61 – A quick post

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Day 57 – The story of a flop biriyani

Today I spoiled a biriyani to a level where it cannot be recovered. I don’t know what I was thinking while cooking. I made a mess out of it. And the icing on the cake is we had guests. 😂 After failed attempts of recovery, we ordered food from outside and relished. But, fun it… Continue reading Day 57 – The story of a flop biriyani

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Day 46 – Egg puffs

Egg puffs from the local bakery was a childhood favorite of mine – hot and flaky. It’s a popular snack in bakeries of Kerala along with plum cake. I mostly stole the layered flaky crust of amma’s share as well and gave her the layer closest to masala. 😬 Cutlet was another fav. It has… Continue reading Day 46 – Egg puffs

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Day 31 – Upma realisations..

We moved out from the joint family to the new home when I was in 10th. Both my parents were working then and everybody had to get out of the house max by 8.30. My sister and I went nowhere near the kitchen to help Amma. Even when I came home from hostel for weekends, I… Continue reading Day 31 – Upma realisations..

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Day 29 – Mango Panna Cotta

I saw this recipe on CHCooks blog moons ago and immediately bookmarked it. Her pics always makes me drool. After two seasons of fresh mango and hot summer, I made it today with store bought mango pulp. I have never had a Panna Cotta in my life. I have no clue on how it tastes.… Continue reading Day 29 – Mango Panna Cotta

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Day 10 – Hubby comes home for lunch

Though hubby’s office is just 15 mints drive away, he carries his lunchbox. Many people from this apartment comes home for lunch from the same office. But this guy just wana avoid the extra commute. Only on special occasions like Onam or Vishu does he come home for lunch to indulge in the sadhya. Yesterday evening,… Continue reading Day 10 – Hubby comes home for lunch

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Day 5 – Trying new dishes

Hubby has been craving for malpuas ever since Diwali.. It is one of his favorites from childhood.. I have never had them.. Looking at the recipes, I knew I cannot tolerate that level of sweetness. Putting an end to the procrastination, I picked up the easiest recipe and tried it today. Hubby was impressed.. And… Continue reading Day 5 – Trying new dishes