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Day 84 – On turning 3

Dear J The other day somebody asked me how we manage our disagreements. This got me thinking. You have been extremely patient with my tantrums and have stood still through good and extremely ugly days. I do not know how you put me first and make my comfort a priority ALWAYS. ❤ Many call me selfish… Continue reading Day 84 – On turning 3

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Day 59 – First day of 2018

The first day of 2018 was great. Our friend agreed to stay for one more day. We woke up late and made dosa for breakfast. It was a sunny day here and we soaked in the sunshine reflecting upon the year that has gone by. Post lunch, we drove to a ski resort, clicked many… Continue reading Day 59 – First day of 2018

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Day 54 – A white Christmas

See what I woke up to.. We took a walk to capture the white Christmas and enjoy the snow this morning. This time, the winter is pleasant, as per the locals. We really enjoyed the snow this year. Last year, it took weeks to melt the snow unlike this year. We will be moving back… Continue reading Day 54 – A white Christmas

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Day 52 – This holiday season..

…is the best. We really got into the Christmas spirit this year. No.. I did not bake a plum cake.. Nor am I throwing a Christmas party. For the first time, I made a Christmas tree myself and is quite proud of the outcome. We attended the holiday parade and the Festival of trees. We… Continue reading Day 52 – This holiday season..

100 Happy Days 2017 · Celebrations · Sweet memories

Day 39 – Christmas memories

Walking back home after a grocery run, we saw a Christmas tree sale set up in a parking lot. It got us talking about Christmas of our childhood. I don’t see a lot of Christmas stars here as seen in India. Every house has a Christmas tree and decor lights. Hanging the Christmas star is… Continue reading Day 39 – Christmas memories

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Day 35 – The Christmas tree

I wanted to have a Christmas tree this year atleast. But then again, I didn’t want to invest in one which I will not be able to carry in my suitcase. Also, the greedy me didn’t want to settle for anything less than 6ft. 😜 So we thought of getting one next year in India.… Continue reading Day 35 – The Christmas tree

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Day 26 – Festival of trees

Christmas has officially hit the town. It may be quite early for Santa to come. But we had our first Christmas Tree lighting in downtown on Friday. Today we went for Festival of Trees. There were close to 100 Christmas trees, 250 odd wreaths and Christmas decor items. All these are donated by organizations/ individuals… Continue reading Day 26 – Festival of trees

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Day 18 – Holiday Parade

Today was the holiday parade in our downtown. Had so much fun looking at the celebration of “A storybook Christmas”. I also got a lot of candies. Great start to the holiday season Post parade, I visited the Wintry market. It was sooo crowded that I couldn’t say anything beyond people. It was poorly organized… Continue reading Day 18 – Holiday Parade

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Day 12 – India Nite

We had our annual get together, India Nite 2017 yesterday. Had a gala time with music, dance and good food. It was my first time as last year we couldn’t make it. Had a great time. Saw a live performance of Bharathanatyam after my school days. And the highlight is hubby was with me during… Continue reading Day 12 – India Nite

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Day 8 – Watching movies with friends

Watching Indian movies in big screen is something we miss after moving to this place. We used to watch all Malayalam movies and most of the Tamil and Hindi movies when we were in California. Though it is just the two of us most of the time, we occasionally go with friends for English and… Continue reading Day 8 – Watching movies with friends

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Day 1 – Halloween hopping

Maya has thrown in a 100 happy days challenge.. I have been thinking of posting something for some days now, but never happened. When I saw her post, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to dust off my blog.. Well.. Not really.. Cos’ it is Halloween and dust and cobwebs are just part of… Continue reading Day 1 – Halloween hopping