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Skiing – Part II

Part one of ⛷ here There are 91 trails spread across 2600 acres of which 35 are groomed. They are classified depending on the level of difficulty as beginner, intermediate, difficult and expert. There are five chairlifts and one RiderCarpet (for beginners) I had the same feeling while signing the waiver of responsibility forms as I… Continue reading Skiing – Part II

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It was a random Friday night and as usual, we were searching for a place to visit during the weekend. It was then that J suggested this place. Between us, J is the one who does all the planning and research before we head out to a place. We rarely go for impromptu trips to new places.… Continue reading Skiing

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Why this kolaveri – The internet connection

In my previous post, I had mentioned about the awful experience with an internet service provider Well.. That was just the beginning. We moved in on a Tuesday night. It was confirmed over mail that the connection will be set up on Friday. Though it was difficult in a new place without internet, we were… Continue reading Why this kolaveri – The internet connection

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The first impression and the initial days at the new place

It was a Sunday evening that we landed in Idaho. We rented a car from airport and drove to the hotel, which we had booked in advance. The road which took us from airport to the hotel barely had any traffic. We checked in to the hotel and hit the bed. Now it’s time to… Continue reading The first impression and the initial days at the new place

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Weekend Coffee Share

Hello hello! It has been a long time since I posted something or commented on my fav blogs. But I am reading you.. I am too lazy to log in to my WP these days. I have a lot to update here, but I really don’t do it because i don’t know where to start… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share

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Hello from India!

It has been almost a month since I flew down. As I mentioned in my previous post, it was a surprise for all.. First my parents. They were surprised, anxious, happy and worried – all at a time. They were worried why I landed all on a sudden.. That too, without Jay. They wanted to… Continue reading Hello from India!

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Lessons from one year of marriage

A couple of weeks past our first wedding anniversary, Jay and me had an argument  on something which his sister did, which has a direct impact on me. To be clear, knowingly or unknowingly, she did something which spoils a BIG surprise I had been planning for the last 2 months, even though she is aware… Continue reading Lessons from one year of marriage

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Anniversary Getaway – Part II

Continued from here We started back from the beach and was about to enter the highway. We stopped at the Stop sign and it had a Navigation board nearby which said Muirwoods to left and San Francisco to right. He took a left turn instead of right. I was shocked. I asked him if he is… Continue reading Anniversary Getaway – Part II