Bits about me!

Blogs about everyday life, my hobbies, sweet and not so sweet memories. Loves every bit of her profession. Currently on career break. Married. Loves music, photography, nature, travelling. DIYer and home decor addict. Loves everything artsy crafty. Cooks for survival. Prefer long texts to long phone calls. Optimist.


28 thoughts on “Bits about me!

    1. Ya.. Yesterday night, from nowhere I felt like updating my page..

      And you.. Gona tell my mom?? No way dear.. Please dont do that ever.. We will compromise for something na?? 🙂

  1. Thnx for visiting my arena 😀

    would work on your suggestion of adding the follow option…but i m not sure whether blogger has it or not!!

    Study leave…blogging…hmmm cool!!!

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