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Salt Lake City – Day 1

Salt Lake City is 5 hours drive from our place. On our initial research, we found nothing much impressive worth the drive. But we dig further and came up with a list of things to do which was impossible to fit into a weekend trip. So we had to push many attractions for another day and picked a few for now.

We normally don’t carry food while travelling, except the snacks / fruits on long drive. We stop at any food and fuel exits and fill the tank and tummy there. But this trip was a tight packed one. We didn’t really have much time to stop and munch. So we packed some idlis and chutney to have on the go.

Utah Olympic Park was our first destination. This park which hosted 2002 Winter Olympics is now a training facility for athletes. Also, it has an Olympic museum and a lot of fun activities! The activities for this summer are comet bobsled, drop tower, summit adventure course, mountain challenge, extreme tubing, extreme zipline, canyon adventure course, freestyle zip, discovery adventure course, alpine slide etc. We chose two from the advanced level activities – Extreme zip and extreme tubing.  We flew alongside for Extreme zip. It was so fun and nothing scary as I thought it would be. Snow tubing was something which we missed this winter. Tubing was really exciting and we loved it. Though the second level of tubing was quite long and steep, I did enjoy after the initial adrenalin rush.

The annual Slip N Soar party was going on where the training ramps are open to the public to slip and soar. It was also fun to watch. It dawned on me the kind of effort the athletes take for years for that one jump in Olympics and other games we see on TV for a few seconds. While watching Olympics on TV, never in my wildest dreams have I thought I would someday visit an Olympic park. I always say I am a very blessed person. Life has always given me more than what I wished for.

We left the park after visiting the Olympic museum which gave insights to the 2002 Winter Olympics. Next on list was FOOD! We skipped lunch as we didn’t want to go adventurous with a full stomach. It was late evening by then and we were starving.

SLC is the capital of Utah and is quite different from the city we live. The roads were packed with cars and I must say, it is not as clean as the other US cities I have been to. We learned that the city had many Indian restaurants and decided to gulp down some Indian food. We checked in to the hotel and got a surprise complimentary upgrade. My jaws hit the floor as I opened the door. We have never stayed in such luxurious room.

After a quick shower and early dinner, we rushed to the Clark Planetarium. I am not really a science person. The only time I had visited a planetarium before was when I was in third class or so. I was sure J is gona enjoy the place. But guess what, I totally loved. It had many interesting exhibits and interactive features. We also caught up a short 3D IMAX movie on Amazon adventures. Spent a couple of hours there and called it a day.

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