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First time camping – The conclusion

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After the long wait, it was finally time to go camping. The previous night we got some picnic supplies, juices, snacks etc and packed everything. We thought of squeezing into one car. But though the stay was just for a night, the luggage (the blankets, the marinated meat, ice trays, drinking water) took a lot of space and we had to take two cars. Our plan was to start post an early lunch. What was supposed to be a quick lunch turned out to be a sumptuous lunch buffet. 🙊

We reached the camp spot around 3.30. Every spot was numbered and had name and reservation dates. Almost every spot had an RV / tent set up by then. P&G’s spot was by the lake. The spot next to ours was vacant and the one next to P&G’s was camp host. A camp host basically manages the camp ground. They reside in their own RV at the campground. They greet the guests, take care of check-ins, fee collection, maintenance of restrooms etc. They also sold firewoods. The restroom was close to our tent. The campground also had a water tap where utensils can be cleaned.

We set the tent up and clicked a few pics. ⛺️ We then set up the table and left the coal for soaking. After a quick stroll, we came back to the campground. P had brought pani puri. She assembled it quickly and it vanished in no time. It has been long we ate panipuri. 😃 We played badminton and frisbee for sometime then.

By 7.30 we fired the grill and started our grilling marathon – fish, shrimp, chicken, brinjal, mushroom. We ate as we cooked. Since there was no roti / rice, we had no clue about the quantity required. We grilled everything we brought. We had to take breaks in between as the food was heavier than what we had thought.

The sunset was around 9-9.15. The temperature started dipping and it was cool by then. We took out the firewood and set up the campfire in the fire ring. We had made some firestarters following the internet and it was a huge help. We then sat around the fire talking. We talked about everything – childhood memories, the Indian economy,  how we are gona poop in the dirty toilet next day, past and upcoming vacations, the visa formalities, USA and what not. We stayed up til 12.30. Then we slid into our sleeping bags and slept off. The temperature dropped to 4-5 degrees by morning. We joked that one of us would see the other sleeping in the car with heater on the next morning.

I woke up by 5 and couldn’t sleep after that. The morning view from the tent was just breathtaking. P&G also woke up then. Hubby dear who is usually an early riser slept peacefully til 7 as if he couldn’t sleep at his home. 🙄 An elk visited us early morning. The sunrise was at 7. By the time I came back after brushing, P had made coffee for us in their new propane stove. We spread out a sheet by the lakeside and soaked in the sunlight with another set of conversations. We had planned to make bread- omelette for breakfast, but had leftovers from the previous night. We reheated everything on the stove and had it with bread. We tore down the tent and left by 11. We then explored the town and took a river cruise late afternoon. We skipped lunch and drove back to eat something heavy from the Thai restaurant in town. It was a nice experience and had a great time. All we did was cook, eat and sleep. 😀 It was a relaxing weekend.

A few pointers for the first timers:

  • Finding and booking a camp spot is pretty easy. Just head over to Reserve America.
  • Start with one night.
  • Carry as less plastic as possible. Please please be eco friendly. Leave no trace. Dispose waste properly.
  • Don’t buy high end tent if you a first timer. You never know if you will like the idea of sleeping in the tent. You can always upgrade the tent later.
  • Pack light. It’s ok if you miss a few things. Afterall, what’s the idea of camping?
  • Do not leave the fire unattended.
  • Do not feed the wildlife.
  • Carry board / card games. We didn’t get time to play though.

Camping is a fun outdoor adventure. Go campout among the grasses or by a riverside or your backyard and have fun. The wind, the stars and the greenery will impart a freshness in you.


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