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First time camping – The beginning

Out of blue, I developed a strong desire to go camping somewhere around 2015 end. It was one of those things which I wanted to experience before we leave US. I once casually mentioned this to a good friend. Came summer 2016, her family was invited to join a group of families who were planning to do camping. She immediately called me and asked us too to join. But then, I knew no other families of the group and I am no good at socializing or instantly making friends. I somehow convinced her and escaped. She made me pay for it after coming back from her first camping by narrating the camping stories non stop for the next two weeks. Then a bachelor gang from our friends circle did a roadtrip to SoCal and camped a couple of nights. These stories took my desire to next level.

Then after my India trip, we moved to a different city in a different state and summer vanished just like that. We met these couples, G and P, here who share similar interests with us. Somewhere on a winter afternoon, between our casual meet ups, they mentioned about their desire to camp in summer. They asked us to join. Summer being ages away, we didn’t even know if we will still be in US then. She made me book our spot the next day itself.

We started our preparations somewhere before 2-2.5 months. Getting a tent and other camping equipments was our first priority. All four of us are first timers. Our friends had already gathered camping supplies like tent, sleeping bags, stove, camping utensils etc. We thought of renting a two person tent and sleeping bag for us initially and started searching for it. In a day or two we realised that renting it for two days cost as much as the new one. So we bought a basic tent, tarp and two sleeping bags from Walmart. The girls started counting days while our husbands were least excited. We decided the menu two months in advance and even decided who-will-bring-what. The next two months were spent watching YouTube videos and reading articles about first time camping. P even went ahead and bought the firewoods before a month. We prepared some fire starters following the YouTube videos. Since it was the beginning of the summer, we expected warm weather. But it snowed a week before and the weather predictions  for the camping weekend showed sunny at one point, then cloudy, snow and so on. We had no clue on what clothes to pack til last minute.

To be continued…


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