Choosing positivity

I consider myself as a fairly positive person. Even though I am not a very religious person, I trust in God. I believe there is so much of goodness in this world. Trust me, I have felt the presence of God in multiple forms at multiple occasions. To me, God is nothing but goodness. Many people have come forward to help me get up whenever I have fallen down. I try my best to give back the goodness.

Hubby dear is a person who gets worried for the silliest reasons. Half of my life with him so far was spent on giving motivational talks. We are chalk and cheese apart in our personalities. Initial days of marriage was nothing less than a shock to me – quitting my career, moving to a different country, taking up the role of a wife, impressing the in laws. The initial days, or may be the whole of first year was spent trying to be the best wife and the best daughter in law. I believe every marriage is cross cultural. Our upbringing, the experiences we go through, the society we grow up in etc has a lot to do with the person we become eventually. It is pure stupidity to expect your partner to be the person you want him to be. Accepting that his personality is different from mine and so will his response be, has helped me to be in peace with myself. There have been many situations where I have over reacted and worsened the situations. Then I learned to let go of the things which you have little or no control. Changing my understanding about “the ideal marriage” has changed me so much as a wife and DIL.

Post marriage I moved to US on H4 visa. Let me be honest that little did I know about the down sides of this visa when I landed here. Two years and two months have passed since then. The first year was so much of fun. Then I visited my parents and came back to US. Moved to another state. I was the most annoying person then. I threw up tantrums for anything and everything. I was no more a happy person. I did a self analysis. I wanted to be happy. I understood that the only way to be happy is to love yourself and choose to be happy. I forcefully dragged me out of the toxic persons in my life and consciously kicked out the negative thoughts. I started to count my blessings and listed the n number of situations where God helped me. I realised the power of positive thoughts. One small positive thought can change the entire day.

Yes. I am 28. J turned 34. I am on career break for the last 2.5 years. We are yet to have kids. We have not booked a flat yet. I am unable to be with my parents when they want me the most. I miss the family reunions and celebrations. But I am sure I can bounce back to my career in another one year. We will expand our family once our uncertain situations get slightly better. My choice is to be happy. If you start worrying about every single thing in life, you will never be happy.

I have seen that negativity is a boomerang. Being cranky has not helped me one bit. I sent negative vibes to my husband, to my parents, my friends and to every person I interact with. Whereas positive vibes bring a lot of happiness and energy. No matter how hard the days are, things will change. Every single thing that has happened in my life is for a reason. Every time that life has put me down, it has given me something else. Someday every thing makes sense. Training my mind to see the goodness in every situation has helped me to be happy. I took hold of the steering wheel through positive thinking and has changed the direction of my life.

Promise yourself to choose positivity and you will be a happy person. ๐Ÿ˜€


12 thoughts on “Choosing positivity

  1. I can’t agree with you more … that’s the whole point why I did my 100 happy days challenge… does that mean all those 100 days were happy -absolutely not but it was the belief that tomorrow will be better and looking at the good stuff amidst all the dark … sending you many positive vibes !!

    1. Absolutely. I also did the challenge in 2015. What I noticed through the challenge was on some days I had to choose from multiple happy moments and on some other days I had to dig deeper to find something happy. Ultimately, happiness is our choice ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Indeed, an empowering post and this where meditation helps us to focus better and be positive. Agree with you, one cannot expect partners to behave in a specific manner. I am hyper too but trying to be more calm and composed. Agree with your views.

  3. Ultimately, happiness is our choice! Even if the world around is happy, if we wish not to be, we won’t.. But most of us hopefully choose happiness

  4. Hi – First time visiting your blog. I was like you several years ago. I used to crib about my career, being on dependent visa. Trust me, now I don’t get a moment for myself – busy with work, kid, life.. Enjoy the break. You will repent later that you wasted your valuable time by cribbing or being low. Watch movies, read books, do gardening, reorganize your kitchen, go to public library.. Keep yourself engaged. This free time will never come back!!

    1. Thank you so much for the love and positive vibes Sahasra.. I love all crafty stuffs. I am making use of the time and resources here to do things which I always wanted to do. But there are times when I feel low. Thanks for the pointers. Will explore further.

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