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Skiing – Part II

Part one of ⛷ here

There are 91 trails spread across 2600 acres of which 35 are groomed. They are classified depending on the level of difficulty as beginner, intermediate, difficult and expert. There are five chairlifts and one RiderCarpet (for beginners)

I had the same feeling while signing the waiver of responsibility forms as I had while Skyjump. The package included the gears which can be used for the whole day. The course was for two hours. We dressed up in snow boots, helmets, skis, poles 🎿 et all. We were a team of three. The coach took us through the basic movements and techniques. Everything looked so simple when he did. When I did, I was struggling to move. And at other times, I was struggling with the direction and was unable to stop . After practicing the moves for some 15-20 minutes, he took us to the smallest trail through a RiderCarpet, which was the beginner level. I was not just getting it right. I fell five times in two hours. J fell once. Since our boots are attached to the ski, we can’t get up without the support of somebody. Coach pulled us up every time we fell down. The third person of our team managed so fell. The coach kept motivating Jay and I with stories from his beginner days. He has been skiing since he was three. Now he is 43.

After the two hour course, I did not have much improvement. J picked up pretty well. The coach suggested us to try Intermediate level if we are confident. The intermediate level was through a higher mountain. I had zero confidence. J pulled me with full enthu. I gave in. The chairlift took us to the top of  the mountain. Once the chairlift reaches the top point, we are to slide down to the plane surface. J tried sliding and he fell down. The operator immediately stopped the chairlift. I was up in the air as I have passed the highest point. I couldn’t slide down as Jay was lying flat on the ground. It is quite funny when we think of it now. Somebody came and helped J to get up. I immediately jumped down and was told off by the operator for the same (I didn’t know that jumping with the gear was risky. I was supposed to hold the rod and swing down, it seems. )

There we were.. on top of the mountain, without knowing much about skiing. We were to ski almost a mile. In the first 500 meter, I fell down three times. It was a slope and getting up without a support was extremely tough. J helped me first. We skied together again and I fell for the second time. J stopped at 100 meters ahead of me. But he could not come back to me. I somehow managed to get up. The third time we both fell together. Again J was ahead of me. Both of us literally struggled. J slid down a bit further and caught hold of a tree and managed to get up. I was sad as well as angry. I shouted at J for his stupid decision. I removed my ski. Tried exerting pressure on the poles. But nothing worked.  I slipped down further and further towards the edge at every attempt to get up. He kept giving me instructions which I was just unable to follow. I reached a curve. If I don’t shift to the right, I will reach the edge and would just hit don the valley. I was sure I was going to die there. I called out for help. People just skied zoom past us. It was difficult for anybody to stop there as it is a curve. Also everybody were enjoying. Though he kept trying to instil confidence in me, I was too tensed to follow anything. I told him I am gona die. I asked him not to worry and to marry again. 🙈 Also, to tell my parents that I love them. When I was seriously giving out my last words sitting on a snow capped mountain, this guy was laughing.

Suddenly, a lady came to me – an angel. She gave me step by step instruction and took me back to the track. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart. Now I have a long way to go. I was sure that I can’t ski. (Yes. I got some enlightenment 😇from the mountain top) I shifted to the right. I thought it was a good idea to sit and slide. As I was still in shock, J just let me go. Then he suggested to remove the ski and walk with the boots on. That was a good idea and it worked. I walked down with skis in one hand and the ski poles in the other hand. J fell down once more, but I could easily lift him then. By the time, the angel completed one round and reached there again. She said that she would carry down the accessories for me so that I can walk freely. I again thanked her and politely refused.

I wore the ski again and skied for the last 1/4th mile and took a deep breath once I landed safe. I thanked god and the prayed for the lady who helped me. We had another one hour before the return bus. J wanted to try intermediate level again. My reply was a sharp stare. We went ahead and tried beginner level once again before returning the gears and heading back home. It was one hell of an adventurous day. I still don’t know if it was non sense or adventure. But, yeah, we did skiing. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️


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