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It was a random Friday night and as usual, we were searching for a place to visit during the weekend. It was then that J suggested this place. Between us, J is the one who does all the planning and research before we head out to a place. We rarely go for impromptu trips to new places. We have seen the sign boards to this winter park on some of our road trips. J have heard his colleagues mentioning about this place during their lunch conversations and knows that there is a bus that takes us from the bus stop nearby to the park directly and back. This is all we knew about the place. Don’t ask me why we didn’t dig deeper. This plan was made up at around 11 on Friday night. We have never been on a bus together in US. So we decided to go by bus. We did a little research about the bus timings and pick up point. 8 AM is the pick up time for our area. We were under the impression that there is something to “see” there, apart from the winter activities.

Next day, the enthusiastic us, boarded the bus at sharp 8 for our first bus trip together. Everybody on the bus had skis, poles or snowboards. Though it is just 20 miles away, it took us more than an hour to reach there because of the winding road and the snow fall. We were welcomed by heavy snow. Both of us were in jeans and tees, snow jackets, snow gloves and walking shoes. The volunteer at the entrance (a huge old man with white beard, reminded me of Santa Claus :D) had a little conversation with me. I don’t know why he chose ME between us. (Did I tell you that people always choose me for all embarrassing conversations? No? Ok. I ll have to make another post for that :/ )He asked me why had I come to ski in jeans. I said I am not here to ski. That cracked him up. I didn’t know why.  He went on.. “if not today, then when are you gona ski. When the weather gets warmer? Come on my girl, you should ski today. It is a beautiful snow day.” I gave a sheepish grin and moved on. I then noticed that others were dressed up in layers, in skii pants, ski gloves, goggles, helmets, ski boots, had gears. But hei, we are not here to ski.

To the left was the ticket counter and to the right was huge area covered in snow. There were mountains of different sizes and chairlifts that took skiers to the top of the mountain. There were kids as little as 3 years all set to ski with their gears and poles on. We checked with the guy at the ticket counter if we could use the chairlift to come down as well, as we are not skiing. He said the chairlifts can not be used to come down as it didn’t have the bars to hold on to while coming down the slope. So they cannot allow anybody on the mountains without skiing gears. :/ :/ Gosh.. Now I know the relevance of THAT conversation.

We learned that it was a park for winter activities like skiing, tubing, fat biking, snow shoeing etc. There was nothing to ‘see’. It was just 9.30 then. The return bus is at 5. We would have definitely gone back had we had our car. We were stranded on top of the mountain with nothing to do. We went to the cafe and had a heavy breakfast. We saw a pointer for private skiing lesson through the cafe window. J suggested that we should check it out. My adrenalin pumped up right then. Cos I know if he goes to ‘check’, he will come back with a bomb only. Right so, checking turned out to be let-us-do-this. It was $75 per head for two hour class. I was little apprehensive initially to spend $150 on something which we had no clue how it will turn out. J went bla bla bla on how we decided to invest in experiences and not in material stuffs, on how this is a great adventure we should take up together, on how we might never get an opportunity again to ski and so on. And I had to agree. :/

Rest in Part II tomo 😉


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