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Barbecue 2017

There is this family friend (or friend family 🤔😝) of ours who is staying two hours away from us. They are the only friends I have made after moving to this place. The guy, who is the son of FIL’s friend and his wife, P, moved into this place around one year back. Let me be honest here. Since I do not speak Hindi, I get a little uncomfortable when I approach a Hindi speaking crowd.  😐(No offence meant to anybody). It was with this same prejudiced mind I first met them at their place around 6 months back. When P started conversing in Hindi, I told her that I do not speak Hindi (though I can understand). The whole conversation shifted to English since then. 😁 Since I met her, she is the go to person for many things for me like weekend getaway destinations, north Indian recipes, events happening around here and so on. She is one of the most genuine person I have ever seen.

We have done a couple of day trips together. We have been planning for a long drive for a long time now. Blame it on the bad weather or some pre-occupations, it never happened. We got a call from them on a Saturday night asking if we were free on Sunday. We had nothing planned as such. ANDDD we decided to barbecue the next day. That too at a beautiful beautiful park near waterfalls. We rushed to the store to get some chicken  drumsticks and shrimp. I marinated chicken with Indian masalas and shrimp with cajun spices.

We grabbed a quick breakfast and started driving through the almost-green-by-now mountains which was snow covered on our last trip. ☺️ We missed an exit and took extra 20 minutes to reach their place. They have loaded their car with the grill and all that by then. We moved our stuff to their car and started off to the park. We reached the park before 11 and it was not crowded then. We chose a picnic table with good view. P and I arranged everything on the table while the boys set up the grill and put charcoal for soaking. We took a stroll through the park and clicked a few pics before heading back to the table. Then we started to light up the grill. We had to try all the tricks to get it started. In went the chicken 🍗 first, followed by shrimp 🍤 paneer, vegetables and aloo. Did I tell you that P marinated paneer and veggies with tikka masala? It was yum. The marinade of chicken had less salt and that of shrimp was too salty. Yeah.. That’s how I cook. 😌🙈

We took a break before grilling veggies as we were too heavy. We played frisbee for some time. Both P and I were bad with the direction. 🙈 The boys had a hard time running around to catch hold of the frisbee that went exactly the opposite direction which we wanted it go. Later, they took revenge on us by throwing it too far and made us run all the way down the slope behind the frisbee unable to stop it. At one point, I accidentally kicked it while trying to stop the frisbee rolling down the slope and it went zooooooom. J offered me a gold ring if I could successfully catch a particular throw. But, I failed. He came up with diamond ring offer next and I caught it. Woohoo.. I have two witnesses for the offer he made, u know. 😌 Lol.

We were literally jumping around like small kids making fun of each other. Suddenly, a guy came upto us from nowhere. I initially thought that he wanted to join us. 😬 But no. He was a professional frisbee player and came to us to show the correct way of delivering and catching the frisbee. We thanked him and later realised how must have he felt to see his favorite game being played the wrong way. But we couldn’t actually deliver it the way he explained. So we went ahead with our method. We had super fun playing frisbee.

We wound up the day with a trip to another waterfalls. It was such a fun filled and happy day. They pulled us in for another trip – which is actually a dream come true for me. Another month to go for it.


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