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Why this kolaveri – The internet connection

In my previous post, I had mentioned about the awful experience with an internet service provider Well.. That was just the beginning. We moved in on a Tuesday night. It was confirmed over mail that the connection will be set up on Friday. Though it was difficult in a new place without internet, we were fine as its just TWO days. We were told that the modem is shipped from a location in another state via UPS and the package requires signature as proof of delivery. I remained at home the whole of Friday. Honestly, I didn’t take more than 30 seconds for bathroom visits on that day :p as I don’t want to miss the package and go through further trouble. I peeped out of the window at the sound of every vehicle checking if it is UPS van. Finally, the UPS van came.. and went. I rushed to the postbox to check if he has left it there, by any remoteeeeeeee chance. Nope. The box is as empty as my purse on the day before pay day. 😛 I texted Jay. He texted back that his colleague who is staying in our same community said that there is one more round of delivery for UPS sometime in the evening. Hang on!

Friday went by. Saturday morning Jay called up the customer care. He tried all available contact numbers as nobody was picking up. Something clicked finally. The guy told us that our order will be completed on Thursday. Whatttttt. We have the mail confirmation about being completing it on the previous Friday and it seems we have to wait for another 5 days. Out of an impulse, Jay asked him to cancel the connection. He asked us to call back Customer care on Monday to do the same and he gave their number.

Now a slight detour to say something about calling customer care. I was super scared to talk to the people here. Or shy? I don’t know the word to describe my feeling. I never understood the American accent. Plus the people here are soooo good with communication that they keep talking. I didn’t really know the correct way to answer many of their casual questions. So anything which requires talking to the people here are a nightmare for me. You ask me to go and buy a particular thing from a superstore at odd hours, I will. You ask me to take a bus and reach somewhere, I will. You ask me to book an appointment online, I will. But anything that involves talking is a big no-no. I become very nervous. I stand behind Jay and prompt him in Malayalam to say/ ask for something. I couldn’t even ask for a go box in a restaurant. Jay was initially fine with it and covered me whenever I went blank. But Jay being Jay, kept pushing me to speak up for myself. He gave me confidence to talk. He tried convincing me that it is perfectly okay to ask them to repeat it if I didn’t get it the first time. He told me that he also had difficulty in understanding the accent initially and its only by talking he learned. Me being me, never opened my mouth. Almost 6 months in US – his tone started changing. We have had mega fights over me not asking for to-go boxes. 😛 With no other choice, I had to start talking. I have a lot of (now funny) experiences to share on this. I started answering the casual questions and Jay was little happy about it.

Calling up customer was always his responsibility for one more reason. All the connections / bookings or whatever is always in his name as I do not (and cannot) have Social Security Number. Once I passed the first level of people interaction, he started dropping subtle hints about taking up the task of calling customer care. Well.. That was the last thing I wanted to do in US. Sometime during this year beginning, we wanted to cancel our house insurance and we knew that we could always do it online. But we lost the user name and was not able to reset it online. He challenged me on this. Out of an urge to win the challenge, I prepared myself with the answers of all the possible questions they might ask and made my first call to CC in USA. That was quite easy. My first experience was not bad at all. I fixed the issue and won the challenge. But did I do it again? Not until recently.

Now back to the internet connection trauma. Jay is super busy at work. He starts at 8 and comes back past 9. I didnt want to torture him with this and I called them up myself on Monday and asked to cancel our request for the new connection. Not even a word of apology, he said my request is put through and it is cancelled. I did a happy dance. Meanwhile Jay called the other service provider and was told we will get the connection on Friday. On Thursday, we received the modem from the canceled service provider. Out of all those days, they decided to deliver it 3 days after canceling it and 1 day prior to getting the new connection. I again called them up ( Ahem, finally somebody is being courageous) and they asked me to open the package, take the return label and take it to the nearest UPS store to ship it back. Jay shipped it on Friday. Monday we received a welcome letter from them, which we ignored. On Wednesday, we received a detailed bill charging us around $50. That too from the delivery day they had initially mentioned in the mail ( 2 days after we moved in). I made the third round of call to the number mentioned in the bill. I was shocked to learn that the connection is still live and they dont have any records of my cancellation request. The call got transferred from one department to the other with no fruitful results. They took the tracking number of the return shipment and all that. The scheduled delivery date in the UPS site was that day. After one hour 3 minutes on call, I got the cancellation ref # . (Height of courageousness and confidence, I know :p) That was also the day I lost the little inhibition I had of talking to people with a different accent.

Just as you might be thinking now, even I thought it was the end. But no. I signed up for delivery notification for the package in UPS site. Even after 15 days of shipping, I didn’t get any updates about the delivery. There was no information available online. So I went ahead and called up UPS customer care today and passed on the details. Here comes the next twist. I was told that the package is missing from them. Another 10 minutes of checking and cross checking and holding and transferring et all, they said they had initiated an investigation and it will take upto 7 days for them to come up with a reply. Gah! Why this kolaveri God.

PS: I wanted to write about one more topic in this post. Since this has already become lengthy, I am gona write it as a separate post tomorrow. I think it is time to start a ‘Why this kolaveri’ series on my blog as so many kolaveris are happening in our life now. Gah.


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