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The new apartment

We moved into the apartment last week. The apartment complex is very scenic. The autumn has already started by the time we moved in. The leaves have started changing colors. We have a tree near our bedroom window. The balcony, living room window and dining space window also faces a huge tree. Its a pleasure to watch the leaves change colors and fall off. The fallen leaves have made a yellow-orange-brown bed beneath the tree. It’s a beautiful feeling to step on to the dry brown crunchy leaves. The apartment complex is beautifully landscaped and is well maintained. It has a club house too – something which our previous apartments never had. The clubhouse houses swimming pool and hot spa, gym, racquetball court, media room and billiards pool apart from the leasing office. And yes, it has strong wifi too.

This is our third apartment. Can’t believe that we have moved thrice in 2016. This apartment is so dear to us for some reasons.

  1. Long windows:

    I like long windows. Natural ventilation is very important for me. This apartment has windows almost 5 feet tall with horizontal blinds. They have provided windows wherever possible. Every window faces pure scenic beauty.

  2. Open kitchen:

    Open kitchen also is something both of us adore. Our open kitchen go hand in hand with the dining space and living space.

  3. Patio:

    This one has a very private patio. The view from patio is just amazing. Since it is very cold outside, we can’t spend much time outside. But I like to sit and soak in the sunlight on sunny evenings.

Getting gas & electricity connection was a breeze. But the internet connection had a wait time of one week. We went ahead and booked it anyways. Since the clubhouse has internet service, it was not a problem. We are waiting for the movers to deliver our stuff. We hardly use the cellular data. We had shared 6GB in our plan initially. As there are many wifi hotspots out there and as we use GPS for navigation, our usage never touched even the half of the available credit. So a couple of weeks ago, we switched to a lower plan with lower credit limit. I wish if we had known about the pain in getting an internet connection earlier. Work is just hectic for Jay. He leaves by 8 in the morning and comes back by 8.30-9. It has gone upto 10 on some days. I am yet to make friends here. Plus there is no internet connection. With nothing much to do, it makes me sick sometimes. While staying at Airbnb, all I wanted was to move into our space and eat home cooked meals. After moving in and settling down, now all I want is internet connection and my very dear household stuffs. How greedy eh. I know. I go to clubhouse every morning and FaceTime my parents. They are at my sister’s place now. So I get to see everybody in single frame.

We moved in on Tuesday. We got the e-mail from our internet service provider confirming that the modem will be delivered on Friday. It also said that the package required signature and somebody must be home to receive the same. I skipped everything else and stayed at home the whole day. There was no sign of any courier. Customer care team was not available on weekends. Called them up on Monday, only to know that it will be delivered only on Thursday. They did not care about the dates they confirmed earlier and there was not even a word of apology for not honoring what was confirmed in black and white. We felt really bad. We decided to cancel the connection and go with another provider. There was no apology even when we mentioned dissatisfactory service as the reason for cancellation.

We applied with the other provider. The latest available date was again a week away. Next day, we got a call back from them mentioning that the previous tenant did not disconnect the service and there were some dues. So, they wanted to see our lease agreement to establish our identity. Huh! We mailed them the same. A few other confusions..another set of e-mails up and down. And the estimated delivery date is 3 days away. Fingers crossed now!

We go to media room and watch TV on some nights. Sometimes, we play billiards. I have never in my life even gone near the pool table before. Both of us don’t know the rules of the game. We make up our own rules. We cheat ourselves and laugh off. Meanwhile I completed the cross stitch I was working on. Doodled something for the laundry room and bathroom wall. I started going to gym and my evening walks. Jay says my face itself has changed after moving in here. He is happy that I am happy and I am happy that he is happy. Happy us makes the home happy.


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