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The Move

I have drafted a thousand posts in my mind since I last posted here. It did not make it to the blog for various reasons. Catching up from where I left on the last blog..

We were all set to move back to India for good by Aug mid. Jay got a new project just two weeks before our travel day. The project is in North West of US and he was asked to join the very next day and to travel immediately as soon as the paper works are through. By then, we had given move -out notice in our apartment. We checked with them if we can extend the lease til our papers are ready (approximately 2 weeks) But unfortunately, they had already rented it out to somebody else and we couldn’t extend it there.

We started looking out of economical options to spend 2 weeks. We didn’t want to move in to any of our friends’ places as the stay is fairly long and thought it will be an inconvenience for them. We politely declined all the lovely invites. 🙂 We finally settled in for an Airbnb house in the downtown. It was our first experience with the Airbnb. It was a lovely experience. The house was a cute little house with lot of windows.

We had our long term plan set from the very beginning that we will move back to India once the visa validity is over. So we did not invest big on household items. We had no TV, cot, sofa sets, dressers. In other words, all we had was a small dining table and 4 chairs, a long pedestal fan, a small shoe rack, a cloth stand, some utensils, a microwave, a mattress, a vaccum cleaner, a mixie, clothes and junkies. We laughed at everybody who talked about finding packers & movers. For we knew, with this less stuff, moving is gona be a breeze. Boy, wrong we were. Inspite of bringing up the idea of getting a quote from some movers, Jay kept postponing it thinking that it was not a big deal. We moved our stuff to a friend’s place when we vacated the apartment. We started calling up companies the very last minute. Everybody gave a meh face when we mentioned about the size of the shipment. Nobody was ready to move this less quantity. We called up minimum 10 companies in the bay area. Either they were not ready for the quantity or they demanded hugeeeee amount as the destination city was not a very popular place and they could hardly club it with anybody else. So they were ready if we could pay for a whole truck – which by the way, was more than the value of our stuff. Lol. Lot of ideas came from all the friends. Some suggested us to hire a van and drive (this place is 12 hours drive). Some asked to discard as much as possible and carry the rest as extra baggages when we fly. Some others suggested to ship it as cargo. The only thing which made sense was the fish curry that a good friend treated us with when this discussion was happening. Before we make a final decision, we got a call from a moving company that they were interested. I asked for another bowl of rice and fish curry. We were so happy that finally somebody has agreed to move it for reasonable charges.

We spent the last days eating at our favourite restaurants, meeting as many friends as possible, cooking our favourite recipes at home and just driving / walking through the town. This city is like our second home. This is the place where we rented out our first home. This is the place that saw us celebrating our first Onam, Vishu, Christmas, New Year, Halloween, birthdays, wedding anniversary together. This city had everything we wanted – Dosa corner to Chaat house, Kerala store to Indian super stores, then those  restaurants – Japaneese to Amaerican, movie theatres, public transportation, amazing infrastructure, indoor and outdoor spots to spent weekends and what not.

We were to catch an afternoon flight. Flying out was a mess. Both of the suitcases weighed extra and our requests to waive off a bit of the extra $$$ which will be charged was not accepted. The lady at the counter bluntly asked me to clear off the counter by either paying extra or by trashing whatever weighed extra.Opening the suitcase at the counter and re-arranging the stuff is the last thing anybody would want to do. We did not have a single unnecessary thing in the suitcase. We did not weigh them in advance in the good faith that it will only overweigh slightly, if at all it did and we were ready to pay for it. But when the figure went up to a few hundred dollars, we didn’t know what to do with a flight to catch in an hour. Suddenly, it clicked that the extra baggage will cost us only $35. Luckily, we had left an extra suitcase in the car of the friend who dropped us in the airport. Jay and the friend ran to the parking lot. Meanwhile, I pulled out my tawas and few other things which was rather heavy. We went to the counter again and everything was through. We had hardly half an hour for the gate closure. Jay was mad at me for multiple reasons like getting up late even on the day of flight, not ready to trash a thing from my carefully packed suitcase, not listening to his suggestion that they were already overweight before I slid in my favourite Lodge dosa pan and so on. He acted normal just because this friend was around us. I could see how mad he was in his eyes. Well.. I avoided looking at it. 😀 The friend did not forget to ask him not to blast me once he are out of sight. 😀 Hmm.. The good god came in the form of a security officer who directed us to different queues for security check. Then there was hardly anytime left. We ran to the gate. Boarding was in progress.There was no time even to look out for cafeterias / restaurants. Well.. Our seats were in different rows, which assured me that he will be fine by the time we complete the first leg of the flight. And ya.. he did! 😀 Our first stop was one hour ahead of California. It was evening there by then. We quickly grabbed a burger and boarded the next flight to the final destination.

Til we meet again, we miss you Bay area.


4 thoughts on “The Move

  1. Hmmm … moving. I wish that could be done with just the clothes on your back and a bottle of water in the hand. Oh how I wish! XD Good luck on the new job and place 🙂

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