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Weekend Coffee Share

Hello hello!

It has been a long time since I posted something or commented on my fav blogs. But I am reading you.. I am too lazy to log in to my WP these days. I have a lot to update here, but I really don’t do it because i don’t know where to start from. I came across this interesting meme at TGND’s blog and thought THIS is it.

So, if I am having coffee with you, I would tell you..

  • about how Jay’s project, which was initially announced to be wound up by May got extended on and on and had no clue about the end date. So we went ahead and booked my return ticket to US. We signed up for a lease agreement in an apartment too. And the very next day, the end date was announced. Sigh! We had a lot of confusions and finally decided that I travel.
  • about the apartment shifting.. Jay moved in with a friend when I left for India. This friend travelled to India a couple of days before my return. He suggested to stay in his place until the new apartment was ready. (We had to wait for another 3 weeks after we signed the agreement to make the move) It was a beautiful apartment complex .
    View from the patio

    Before I could settle down there, it was time to move to our new apartment. We packed and unpacked in a jiff as we have very few stuffs by now. My friend and ex-neighbour lives in the same apartment complex and she is expecting a Christmas baby.

  • about how I feel seeing her vomit almost everyday in these 5 months of pregnancy. She has gone weak and tired. Now she is taking anti-nausea medication which leaves her drowsy all day. I visit her daily and take her boy to play outside. I cook for them as often as I can. He gobbles down whatever I cook and say that it is the yummiest he has ever had.. Who wouldn’t like to cook for somebody like him.. Lol. Her husband manages his work, the home and the kid completely. He cooks three meals before he leaves for work and does the rest of the household chores on weekends. I feel respect for him. At the same time, I think of all the ladies you juggles between work, home and family (especially, through pregnancy) and gets little or no praises.
  • about the short holidays we took, each of which deserves a separate post.. We visited Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, where our perceptions of the laws of physics and gravity are questioned. On another weekend, we visited the beautiful Lake Tahoe where we checked off parasailing from our bucket list. It was a stunning experience. We went tandom sitting on a piece of belt trusting the thin rope that tied us to the boat. Jay wanted me to leave both hands and say aahaa as the crew released the rope to fly high. And all I did was screaming my lungs out as we went higher and higher. The view from the top was really awsome.. Clear blue waters of the picturesque Tahoe.. He kept shaking himself which was too scary for me. The ride lasted for almost 10 minutes. We had a great time in Tahoe. We visited San Francisco another weekend. It was a bright and sunny day and we did boating at Stow lake before it was too hot. We visited a few other places too before lunch. Then we took cycles on rent. It was a very impromptu decision. At the same time, it was a long time dream as well. There were cycles of all shapes and sizes and I was really excited to take a ride. We rode for half an hour and it just made my day. On another weekend, we drove to Mount Sastha and Burney Falls as well
  • that I started hitting gym 5 days a week.
  • how excited I am to know that my BFF and soul sister is committed to her best friend. May my kids have a beautiful life ahead. I am so thrilled to meet them in person and congratulate. May they overcome all the obstacles and enter the wedlocks with the consent of their loved ones.
  • about my recent cooking experiments.. I tried pasta for the first time at home and it was a hit. I mastered the skill of making perfect super thin idiyappams. My biriyani experiments are still going on and the recent try gave me something close to what can be called as biriyani. Tried mango salsa at home and loved it.
  • about our plans to go back to India.. Jay has got an offer from the client company at a high package. We are not accepting it for multiple reasons. 1. We don’t have long term plans in US. 2. He doesn’t have job satisfaction in this role. Both of us feel job satisfaction is more important than those extra dollars. We don’t know if we are making the right decision, but this is what our heart says right now. As much as we are excited to go back to India, we are gona miss US
  • about the amazing July 4th fireworks at our county park

That’s it for now. We are packing up in another one month and have lots to do before the move.


11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Lovely! 🙂 I am so in love with this tag and might take it up myself 🙂 I cant imagine how you guys have been packing and unpacking non-stop. I totally agree with you, job satisfaction is more important than anything! Good luck on your next move Jo 🙂

    1. Ya.. it’s so lovely GB.. Waiting to read your version..
      Gona start the mega packing to India in a few weeks.. Thank you for seconding our thoughts GB. People think we are just showing off or something by talking about job satisfaction. We stopped trying to convince people about our decision. Sigh!

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