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Home is..

A place that offers instant bliss

A place to create beautiful memories

A place that spreads perennial smiles

A place for coffee and chats everyday

A place that extends warmth to guests

A place to host family and friends

Well.. Its time to say goodbye to our first apartment. This is the place where we started our life. This is the place where we had loved each other, had the hell of the fights, made up and made memories. Bit by bit, laugh by laugh, with some heartache thrown in for good measure, we have made this our home. We LIVED in this house. Friends always felt welcome like it was their own home, and treated it as such. It just felt like “us” inside here. Little did we think that this is not ours forever and we will have to move out of this some day. We say that it’s the memories and people that make a home, not the things in it or the structure itself, yet when we’re to leave a treasured home behind, it doesn’t merely tug at the heartstrings — it damn near severs them. I don’t know if we’ll ever see it again.

When we finally decided to move out, we thought of selling some stuff. We put the sofa on sale first. Little did I know, it will be sold off in a jiff. Somebody came to see the sofa and they walked out with it handing us over a few dollars. It was gone before I could touch it for a final time. Same with our microwave and lamps. Retaining the minimum essentials, the rest is gone. Since the project is on its final stage, we are planning to move back to India if Jay is not assigned a new project. With the signs of recession, we are not sure if that will go through. We are in a very uncertain situation now. Anyways, we have decided to move with the wind. I’ll  go to India and ll write my MBA exams in May. If Jay is still in US, I’ll come back. 


Hello! I type this out from Singapore airport. I am on the way to India. I left our first “home” yesterday night. I had this post in drafts, but couldn’t complete and publish it. The week that passed by was extremely hectic. With a major release last Friday, Jay was busy with it. I had a hard time emptying the house. Some went to my luggage. Some went to the big cartons of Home Depot. Some were sold. Some were donated. And a LOT of things were trashed. I am a person who becomes emotionally attached to things very quickly. This house was just that. Although I use to be secretly proud that we have not made any big (monetary) investments for this temporary stay in US, I was shocked to see the small small stuff I had been hoarding. I said I because Jay was never up for buying things for he knew it would be difficult to carry it back to India due to weight restriction in airplanes. Each cupboard I opened gave me more and more “small” stuff. And I wish I could carry the whole house like Hanuman carried the mountain and place it in Bangalore. Sigh!

Life goes on and I am sure we’ll be making sweeter memories! Thats it for now. 

C ya from India soon. Tada!


6 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hugs Jo. I get emotionally attached to my things too, so I can totally understand the pain of letting go some of the stuff that is very dear to you. As you said, you will continue to make sweeter memories and here’s to a new start 🙂 Hope you have reached India safely.

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