A surprise!

Didn’t I mention it here that my Sis and BIL are the king and queen of surprises? My Sis acquired this skill by marriage and I acquired it by being behind the scenes for most of the surprises planned by them. 😎

Jan 29 – Two days before our anniversary

Amma casually asked if we have any plans for anniversary. Since there was no plans to the best of my knowledge, I said, we will be at home onlyΒ and will be heading out for lunch only. She made advanced anniversary wishes before winding up the call.

Jan 30 around 7.30PM PST -One day before anniversary as per PST (which is Jan 31, 9AM IST)

Since it is already Jan 31 in India, we started getting anniversary wishes. In laws, cousins, friends – everybody called / whatsapp-ed. ☺️ There was no news from either my parents or Sis. I thought they were waiting for it to be Jan 31st in US and expected a call next day morning. It was around this time that Jay told me about the surprise which could not be executed. We planned for Muir Woods and went to bed.

Jan 31 – Our first wedding anniversary – 7AM PST

No calls from home. I couldn’t take this any further. 😠I called Amma. She was talking casually. I told her it is our anniversary and that we are going out. She said she had already made advance wishes and thats why didn’t call on that day. I said I don’t count advance wishes.. It’s not that you can just make a call ages before and wish in advance. 😏I went ahead and said Sis and BIL also forgot to call us. She said they had gone for movie and may be they will call once they are back. In another 5 minutes, I got BIL’s call and he wished me. Then Sis took the phone and blasted me. She asked why did we change our plan from No-plan from going-out plan. I felt something fishy. Anyway, she wished us and we started off our trip.

In another 15 minutes, she called again and said she had ordered to deliver a surprise cake and a bouquet, on my assurance to Amma a couple of days back that we don’t have any plans for the day and how everything got flopped in a few hours. Now I knew why nobody wished us. She was blasting over the phone and I was laughing my heading off. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ She went ahead and said she is gona ditch me in my secret plan to visit India and surprise all next month. 😐

Feb 1st

Somebody knocked at my door and I saw a gentleman Β in red shirt and black plants with a red box. I opened the door and he said, Hi, here is a fantastic way to start your day Jo πŸ™‚ See what was it:

Β ..along with a personal note from Sis. She got it ordered through a friend of hers who is living in the same city as of ours.


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          Your comment brought an ear to ear grin on my face.. πŸ˜€ You still remember that? Thank you.. πŸ™‚ How is the little one?

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