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Anniversary Getaway – Part I

I am not an expensive gifts person. For our first wedding anniversary, I made a 6 minute long video with some of our photos from our first year. It was a nice recap. This was my gift for Jay. Jay is a person who doesn’t make a deal of all these. For him, birthdays, annivesaries etc are like any other day. But, boy, he is married to a family which is having the king and queen of surprises, my Sis and BIL. And now me too. So definitely, there has to be some surprise na. He planned a beach trip. We had been there on a sunny Spring day before. But couldn’t get inside after the 2 hour drive, as there was no parking space available. Then we had to change our plans and go somewhere else. So he planned to be there for our anniversary weekend. But then again, there was rain prediction and he was so down that the surprise couldn’t be worked out. He told me the night before that this was the plan and we have to drop it now. So both of us planned together for another place. At any time of the day, we both prefer a place of scenic beauty to anything else.

So, Muir Woods National Monument was the place. Almost an hour drive from SFO. I have never been to Bay Bridge. So we made a quick plan of covering all these and went to sleep. Jay is a person who reads every single thing about a place before going there. But, we hardly had time to research then.

Next day morning, we started around 8.30. We decided to pick breakfast from McDonald’s Drive-thru so that we can save time. They did not serve burgers for breakfast. So I picked Hotcakes and he picked Egg McMuffin. Now, this boy doesn’t each much when he is travelling, especially breakfast. He says, he will have nausea when he travels after breakfast. I will have nausea if I don’t have my breakfast. Opposite personalities, I told you na! I somehow don’t like him travelling empty stomach. I start preaching that breakfast is the king of the meals and all that. Anyways, I forced him to take a couple of bites of the muffin and he had almost three forth, which was his limit. I had the rest and my pancakes too.. 😉 It was one and a half hour drive from our place. The view was amazing and I went on clicking photos while singing along with the music we played. We were driving up the winding road with tall trees on both sides of the road.


We were almost 20 minutes away from the destination and Jay said he is having nausea. We were going through a road where there is no space to pull over (as in the pic above). We had cars behind us, which means we have to maintain the speed. Both of us knew he usually have motion sickness on winding road. But as I mentioned earlier, we couldn’t reserach much about the route as it was an almost impromptu trip. We stopped at the next pullover point and started again once he was okay. Somewhere in between, we missed a left turn and as per GPS, we were another 11 miles away from the destination. Another 11 miles on winding road was not easy. I didn’t know what to do. We pulled over at every possible points. He kept driving as far as possible and we entered the CA-1. Scenic CA-1 drive is pretty impressive and we will not trade it for anything in the world. We have drove along the Pacific Coast before and have absolutely loved it. CA-1 has Pacific ocean on one side and the mountain on the other side.


Everything was fine for a while til the seasickness hit him for the first time. He was feeling really uncomfortable and we decided to go back home. We changed the address of  the GPS to Home and I cursed myself a thousand times for not to have learnt driving. He kept telling this has got nothing to do with the driving and evenif he is in the backseat, he would still be feeling the same. We stopped at a nearby beach. We learned that the beach is Stinson beach and spent some time there.

IMG_1637It was a small beach, almost empty, calm and quiet. We spent some time there and he was feeling fresh. He was feeling so bad that the anniversary trip ended up this way. He badly wanted to take me there and since I am going back to India, we are not sure if there will be a next time at all.  We were somewhere very close to our destination and still couldn’t make it. I somehow convinced him that it is absolutely okay to go back home and there is nothing wrong if we couldn’t make it. We decided to  drive back.

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13 thoughts on “Anniversary Getaway – Part I

  1. Belated anniversary wishes.. You are from SFO bay? Love those muir woods. We have had the same experience with beaches. Last summer we wanted to goto pink pebble beach and we went. But same issue no parking space. Two more perfect getaways would be Mendocino and Point Reyes. Hope you guyz had fun.

    1. Thank you Sri.. We feel so helpless when the parking is full, no.. I am from South Bay. Thanks for the pointers. Just googled. Very inviting. Should plan sometime..

  2. You are going back to India? Why? Muir Woods is always crowded and we always have a hard time finding a parking spot so I feel you didn’t miss much as parking would be again a problem there

  3. Catching up on your vacation posts now. Sigh. Good to know that jay felt better after sometime. I am just like you too.. I feel nauseated if I am on empty stomach and S on the otherhand can be without food also.

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