Me and Jay times

Our Firsts

With one day short of completing one year of married life and Blogathon’16 and one hour to finish the day, I cannot think of anything else. So trying to recollect some of our firsts..

First met – 19 January, 2014

First phone call – 21 January, 2014

Engagement – February 10, 2014

Marriage – 31 January, 2015

My first dish for him – Chapathy n chicken curry

His first dish for me – chicken curry

Our first movie- Picket 43 from Sangeet, Sivaji Nagar

Our first movie in US – 100 days of love, Towne3

Our first English movie – Fast n furious 7

Our first Hindi movie – Baahubali

Our first Real D 3D movie- Antman

Our first Tamil movie – Thani oruvan

My first gift to him – 2 quilled flowers and narangamuttai

His first gift to me – 2 churidar material

Our first dinner get together at home- This

Our first snow – Bryce Canyon, November 2015

Our first eat out – Kozhikoden biriyani from Paradise, Kozhikode.

Good night folks! Off to a picnic tomorrow πŸ˜‰


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