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Conversations around the house

I made a cake the other day. It was nice and soft on the day I baked. Jay loved it. But on the second day, it was a little (I said LITTLE) hard. He took one bite and left it. Having known this guy for some time now, I said to myself, Oh, I’ll have to have the rest of the cake myself.

Next day evening, on opening the door as he came back from office, he announced that our friend is coming home to have my cake. This friend is a forced bachelor in US, as his wife and daughter had to move back to India for some reason. He is a foodie and always appreciates tasty food. He eats out on all 5 days and cooks only on weekends due to the hectic schedule. I invite him over for dinner, whenever I cook his favourites. Before I could say something, the friend was at the door. I quickly made some snacks and served. In no time the cake and the snacks was over. We had a nice chit-chat and he left. It was a nice evening.

I was already on Cloud Nine seeing Mr.Husband inviting his friend to taste his wife’s baking expertise, but still wanted to hear it from horse’s mouth. Since I don’t see any reaction from horse, I initiated.. 😉

Me: Oh Jay, was the cake that good that you invited him to have it? I have made better cakes na? You never invited anybody then. Was this *thaaaaat* good..

Jay: Oh it turned hard na. I did not like it.

Me: Then?

Jay: I know you will not make anything else unless we finish this off. So I invited him over. You know na, how much he craves for homemade food now. So I was sure he will finish it off..  Please make something else tomorrow.

:/ I should have guessed


That was the first time we had a Starbucks coffee after it changed its cup colour to red. Since I wanted to do something with the cup, I saved it and one and a half months had already passed by before I picked it up for doodling. This friend came home that day with Jay. (Yes, he still comes. He survived my cake 😉  I just finished doodling then and the cup and the sharpie was still on my the dining table.

Jay (to me): Oh you went to Starbucks today?

I smiled because I already knew that Jay will not notice the doodling.

Jay (to friend): Did you see the new Starbucks red cup buddy? Oh, it had designs on it, eh? I never noticed it. Nice na.

I couldn’t control my laughter. I said I doodled it.

He looked exactly like this :/ :/ :/

PS: This is coming from a person who never says anything  good about his wife in front of her.


It was the time I just started experimenting stuff in kitchen. We had pancake at a friend’s place. That was the first time I am having a pancake. She made it in a jiff and it was yummm. So I decided to try this at home. I referred to so many recipes and zeroed on one. It was also the time when I made the worst dosas in my life. Somehow my dosas were not just working. So back to pancake story. With all the enthu, I poured a ladleful of batter. My sixth sense said something is wrong. Yes, it was correct! It was so soft that it looked like Set Dosa – you know very soft, white and melts in mouth kind of dosa with lots of holes on it. This guy ate one piece (luckily not with chutney) and said, “wow, nice. You should actually make dosas with this batter, please don’t insult this by calling pancake.”

:/ :/ :/


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