100 Happy Days 2015 · Blogathon 2016 · Friends

Day 99 of 100 Happy Days – Impromptu lunch

Happiness is a friend making impromptu visit.

Didn’t I mention here that I love friends coming over to my place? I love cooking and feeding them.. Today my friend called at 11.45 and said she and her kid is coming home in another 15 minutes, as there is some chemical treatment going on in their apartment and they are asked to vacate the apartment for four hours.

I was tensed for a moment for her kid is picky eater. Then it suddenly clicked me how he loved my fried rice on their previous visit. I had no clue what to cook as side dish. Both of them loves non veg. So I made egg fried rice in a jiff. I had some marinated fish in the fridge which I thought of baking for dinner. I fried it. So there it was. Egg fried rice and fish fry! Now don’t ask me what combination it is!

Guess what.. The first thing kiddu asked when I opened the door was, aunty, can you make fried rice for me. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ We had our lunch together. We talked about the recent movies which we watched. We exchanged new recipes. I played with the kiddu for some time. They left just now. Kiddu has promised me to make fried rice when I visit him next time. Lol!


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