100 Happy Days 2015 · Blogathon 2016 · Me and Jay times

Day 90 of 100 Happy Days – Spending time together 

Happiness is spending quality time together.

Jay was home today as it was holiday here today. There was leftovers and leftovers and leftovers in the fridge. Just cooked rice for lunch and finished all leftovers. Our lease is expiring next month. After noon we visited an apartment to see the availability. But there is no availability. We went for a walk in the evening. Then shopped groceries. This is something which we rarely do together as he doesn’t like being in a crowd. And our Indian store is always crowded. We went to an Indian ice cream shop too. I took falooda kulfi and he ordered Chocolate nirvanah. We walked all the way across the street as this boy wanted to have samosa THEN. Samosa n ice cream. This guy is crazy. I know. We caught up some shows online. I have downloaded Radio Mango app in my iPad. So we always have music in background these days 🙂 A happy Monday it was 😀


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