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Day 89 of 100 Happy Days- Movie time

Happiness is back to back movies

Our movie taste is completely opposite. We watched Hateful Eight last week. Itwas a movie with lot of violence. Today morning watched The Revenant. Another violence filled movie. Not just with human being, but with animals too. He likes such movies- action packed, suspense horror thriller.. Or a movie with a very unexpected twist. I like only feel good movies. I watch movies for entertainment. I can’t stand violence- be it in real life or reel life.

Same is the case with the shows he watch. He loves Crime Patrol. Though I am well aware that it just doesn’t air crime stories but is a true depiction of real life happenings presented in a dramatised form. Conceived as a reality series, it is a show where cameras travel with the law enforcement authorities to capture crimes live. I know that it narrates real-life stories revolving around harassment, kidnapping and murders. But I can’t stand watching it. It is something beyond me.

Having watched two violence movies, I had been cribbing that my 2016 is gona be violent. So we caught up the evening show of a my-type movie. A comedy movie by Dileep and Mamta – Two countries. After Premam, I saw a houseful crowd for an Indian movie here. Leaving me to do whatever I want, Jay was all set to sleep in the theatre. Just like I do for the movies of his choice 😉 But know what, he was laughing out louder than me. And those dialogues which he couldn’t decode, he asked me and laughed, even if 2 minutes later.. 😉

Wishing everybody a happy movie 2016!


2 thoughts on “Day 89 of 100 Happy Days- Movie time

  1. I pretty much sleep through such movies S takes me too. Over the years, he has begun watching such movies all alone once I am in sleep land 😀 I guess most guys like these violent-action movies.

    1. Looks like GB.. I also have slept through a couple of them. For one particular movie, I just walked out with my mobile, signalling him I wana pee and sat outside browsing for some sweet time. 😉

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