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Day 87 of 100 Happy Days- New found love

Happiness is doodling.

When we had a Starbucks coffee the other day, I made sure Jay did not trash his coffee cup. I told him I wana try crafting something out of it. He gave me ‘the look’ – the look which said, as if there is not enough items at home to try out. I ignored him and grabbed them. It has been resting on my countertop for a while now. I actually had no clue what to do out of them. When I saw a doodled Starbucks cup on Pinterest, I knew this is gona be my next love.

I was sitting with my MBA book. Tell you, it’s damn difficult to start studying once you take a break. The last time I studied *seriously* was for my Finals in June 2013. I wanted to take up MBA simultaneously with my job. But once I started working, I told myself, see you have been studying your whole life. Now you started earning too. Why don’t you take a 6 months break. By then our wedding was fixed and this fellow said he will come back in August (2014) to tie knots. Months passed and it was already January 2015 by the time the groom landed. Then the wedding, US and all that happened. And finally I decided to break my 2.5 years long 6 months break. So thats my MBA story.

It has been a week since I got the books. For all these days, I was tracking the parcel every single day. But when it finally arrived, I had no interest in actually studying. My parents added “have you started studying” to the standard questions they ask on each call. Finally, hubby decided to step into the role of a monster teacher. The first book I took out happened to be Quantititive Techniques. I am so so so bad in Maths. I haven’t even heard of the single concepts/ topics mentioned in the Index page. Hubby promised to teach me. And he did try to teach me Derivatives yesterday. He is not able to come down to my level and explain things. He is talking as if I am a Ph.D holder in Maths.  😡😡 he never knew I am this bad. He started shouting at me and I shouted back double strong. People say not to learn driving from husbands. I am telling you, don’t learn anything from them.  You ll end up eating each other’s brain. I walked away asking him not even to utter the word ‘teach’ infront of me. 😡😡

I picked up the next book today. Organizational Behavior. I was forcing myself to understand the three aspects in the definition given by somebody. It was then I noticed the beauty of the cup, which was lying on the countertop for the last 4-5 weeks. I closed my book and immediately started doodling.



Its nothing close to perfect. At many places, I missed the pattern due to lack of concentration. At some other, halfway I changed mind and changed the pattern. And none of the circles are perfect. But I loved how it turned out to be. Having control of the sharpie on the cup was not as easy as I thought. . I will soon try this on paper. 🙂


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