100 Happy Days 2015 · Blogathon 2016 · Cooking · Friends

Day 86 of 100 Happy Days – Girls’ time 

Happiness is cooking with your friends and eating together.

Oh kitty party in US?? :p

Asked my husband when I said my friend and I am gona cook for this friend of ours, who is moving. The menu was decided yesterday and we started cooking by 10 today. This is the first time I am cooking with a friend in my kitchen 🙂

At the end of the day, I came to know about many things, the most important being all my burners are damaged. It works way toooo slower than it should, it seems.  Yes! After working in this kitchen for almost a year now, I realized it only today. I always thought that is how coil burners work, as I am using such burners for the first time. When I go to some friends’ place also, I volunteer for cleaning the kitchen only. Not cooking. Cos I am an ‘expert’ cook😝

We girls had fun. The kids had fun. Even though the house was a real mess by the time everybody left, we really really had a great time.


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