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Day 82 of 100 Happy Days – Post-dinner walks

Happiness is a late night walk.

We have made it a habit to go for a post dinner walk on most of the days. A walk with no phone or laptop. Its that time of the day when we REALLY talk. It is during these walks that we share our dreams.. About the house.. About our kids.. About our future plans.. About our travel destinations.. It is during these walks that we brainstormed and made most of the decisions. It is during these walks that we sorted out our misunderstandings.. It is during these walks that we agreed to disagree… It is during these walks that we decided to let go off things the other cant agree to. It is during these walks that we discussed and decided to work on our shortcomings and mistakes.

Came winter, we stopped these walks for it was too cold by the time we finished our dinner. Today we went for a walk, a pre-dinner one, to the nearby walking. We passed empty basketball and tennis courts. The tennis court took him back to his initial 3 years of US life in East coast, where he used to play tennis every single day. There he had lots of friends. He has E.N. J.O.Y.E.D his life there. With handsome salary, lot of bachelor friends, low cost of living, nobody to say no, he has enjoyed his bachelor life with swimming pool sessions, movies, tennis, barbecue, liquor, eat outs, parties, weekend getaways, drives, vaccations and what not.. I can feel how much he enjoyed from the way he describe that life each time. A special punch of energy comes up every time he say something about East Coast life. He has visited 8 states in three years and has had as much fun as possible. He has done parasailing, banana boating, speed boating, sling shot apart from visiting all the tourist places there..

Now I know why I was missing those walks.. Spring, please come soon.. I wana go for the walk everyday.


2 thoughts on “Day 82 of 100 Happy Days – Post-dinner walks

  1. Jo, good one.. on the no gadget bit.. because, that is what is making is not talk. Though I would say in my no voice state, technology is what is helping me most to communicate with people, but it is irritating to see, and even for other to see us with our gadgets all the time! Second post of the day I am reading on the no gadget walk, getaway, vacations..

    1. Hahaha.. sad but true. These days we communicate more with the person who is virtually present, mostly ignoring the one who is physically present. Should find an app to solve this problem :p 😉

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