100 Happy Days 2015 · Blogathon 2016 · Me and Jay times

Day 81 of 100 Happy Days – Being silly

Happiness being silly together.

Those were the days before play doughs / clays or play dohs became a must for every kid. I came to know of play doughs only in the recent years. But I do remember playing with chapathy dough whenever Amma made chapathy. We, me and my cousins, used to demand our share from the dough. each of us was given a small portion. We use to make cats, faces, snake etc til Amma and Mema (aunt) is done with rolling and cooking chapathy. That was the play dough of our times eh.. 😀

From my Child Development class, I have learned some kid friendly play dough recipes. We made a few colourful play clays in class. That was actually the first time I am playing with one. I tried a recipe at home today to make something (that something is work in progress. Will post is as soon as I complete it.) However I had no clue on how much will be enough. I made an estimate an went ahead. Since I didnt have anything to add colour, it was plain white in colour. The dough was cooked perfectly and it resembled the rice dough for Idiyappam. It was very soft and pliable. Not sticky at all. I couldn’t resist myself from playing with it 😉 I took out the rolling pin and rolled out into a sheet. I took out the cookie cutter and made some shapes before I got into what I actually made it for. I had some excess dough.

Jay was home in sometime. He didn’t believe it was play dough. He thought I am cooking something special for dinner and was fooling him around (as I always do 😉 ) I rolled it out again and used my cookie cutter to make shapes. Then only he believed. After seeing me doing for a while, he also joined me. 😀 Then he rolled everything that was left to a ball and threw at me. That was soo quick that I missed the catch and it hit me. I threw it back at him. But he could catch it. He threw at me again. I caught it. Then for the next half an hour we were playing Throw and Catch with the dough ball. I missed a catch and the ball hit our framed wedding photo hung on the wall infront of which I was standing. The photo fell on my shoulder and it hurt me. This fellow was laughing. I got angry and kept throwing the ball at him. But he could catch everything and always threw back. I missed the next catch and it fell on my dear vase. We stopped it once it hit the roof. There is a baby upstairs and we didnt want to disturb him 🙂

The aftermath – The living room looke like a market. The photo and frame was lying upside down. Some of the shoes on the rack somersaulted to the floor. The vase was lying down with its flower somewhere else. There were bits and pieces of dough all over the carpet. We had a hard time cleaning it up. But who cares.. as we had lotsa fun being silly with each other.. 😀


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