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Day 80 of 100 Happy Days – Spending time with kids

Happiness is spending time with kids.

There is this enthusiastic kiddu in my neighbourhood about whom I always wanted to write. They are also from Kerala. Theirs is the one and only Malayali family whom I am in touch with here in US. My apartment is the nearest to the laundry room. That said, mine is the waiting area for all my apartment-friends, who come for laundrying. Most of them have kid(s). So it is difficult to go back home and then come again and check the laundry. I met this now friend of mine and her super active boy at a laundry session. They had just moved in then and the kiddu, then 3.5 years was struggling to communicate in English to the new people here. From the day we met, he talk a lot ( read a looooooot) to me in his typical Kottayam accent.

I have mentioned manyatimes here that I love kids. I have kid guests from my neighbourhood atleast 3 days a week. Those were the days I used to go to park for my evening walk. (Now I am lazy 😉 ) He and mom also come to spend time in the evening. On the way back, he cycles as fast as he can and I keep running to be in pace with him while his mom come walking with other ladies in the apartment. Cycling back home, he tells me what all he did / saw / felt that day.  He is a big fan of cars. I, infact, learn a lot from him.. 😛 He has a collection of 8-10 cars, an emergency van, a couple of monster truck and a tow truck. He knows all of them by name, say Chevrolet Camaro, Limo, Ford Fiesta. Not just the name of them, he says technical terms too.. (which I note down in my mind and get clarified from Jay)  He remembers to show me every new toy he got. He is a very loving and caring boy. When A left, I was crying as her car sped up. He and his mom were with me. I am sure a 3.5 year old doesn’t know much about what you feel when your closest family friend move back to India for good all on a sudden. He was looking at me crying. When the car left, I wiped my tears trying to hold them back from falling again, atleast til I reach home. His mother was also speechless. He came and took my hand in his and said, aunty, please come home. Amma has promised to make omlette for lunch today. I smiled. I wondered if he understood that I am not in a mood to go back home alone. I gently declined for I didn’t even have the voice to talk to him. He didnt leave me. He kept pulling my hands and I had to follow him. Not to say, I was smiling when I came back home. (Its another story that I came home and cried again)

On Christmas, he was the Santa Claus who gifted me the cake. On new year, since I was not at home, he sent his new year wish as Whatsapp audio clip. 🙂

Today, when I visited him, he was throwing tantrums at his moms demanding some screen time. When he saw him, he took out his toys and came to me. We pretended played for some time with cars. Then we did some jigsaw puzzle. As his mother fed him lunch, he wanted me to read stories to him. When I said I hardly know any stories, he went to his room and came back with a brand new story book which Santa gifted him for being a good boy 😉 He wanted me to read the story of Three little pigs. He finished his lunch and jumped to my laps. It has been a long long time since I narrated stories to somebody. It was a year back that I last read stories for my Niece1. I missed her. The feeling to go back to India all the more increased then. I had a nice time with him today. Dear Niece1, please dont grow up until I come back.. 😀


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