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Day 73of 100 Happy Days – New Year @ Seattle

 Happiness is new year.

We reached Seattle yesterday evening. After a quick dinner, we got out to explore the city. The temperature was negative and we dressed up in layers.

There were lights and lights everywhere.

And everybody was in a party mood.

We stopped at Alki beach. The view of the city from there was just marvelous. The camera of my iPhone couldn’t do justice to capture it’s beauty.

We drove down to Seattle Downtown and parked the car. Due to New Year special fireworks, the entry to Space Needle was closed. We thought of being somewhere around it where we get a nice view of the fireworks. We still had an hour before 2016 breaks in. We roamed around and saw Seattle Giant Wheel.

The Seattle Great Wheel is the largest observation wheel on the west coast, standing 175 feet tall. In total, the wheel can hold over 300 passengers at any given time.

It was illuminated with pink lights and was gaining the attraction of the whole city. We walked closer to take a snap and noticed that it’s still running. We thought the rides close by evening. We ran to the ticket counter.

We were excited to know that that have a New Year Eve special ride. Each ticket includes party favors and party hat, photo booth photo, and a champagne toast at midnight while we take in the views of the city including a partial view of the Space Needle fireworks show. The NYE Midnight Ride seats 6 people in each cabin. Each passenger wishing to drink champagne must bring valid ID showing 21+ and must receive a wristband prior to boarding in order to enjoy champagne in the gondola. If 1 passenger in the cabin is under 21, then the entire cabin will receive sparkling cider. We didn’t go for the champagne one.

We wore the party hat, blew the blow horn and posed in the photo booth for a pic. Ours was the last gandola and we 4 got a gandola all for ourselves. They gave us apple cider in sparkling glass. This was the view from the wheel. 

It was lot more beautiful than what is seen in the pic.

We were blowing horn at each other and competing who can blow it the loudest and who can blow it for the longest time..

At 12 o clock, we could see the fire works of Space Needle from the top of the wheel.  We had lots of fun. We laughed so much and didn’t want to get out of the wheel.

This is the best new year celebration we ever had.


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