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Day 71 of 100 Happy Days – Bye bye 2015

Happiness is looking back and knowing that you had a wonderful year.. 🙂

2015 was a very eventful year for me. Lot of changes has happened – big and small. And I have recorded almost everything here. I did my first ever blog challenge – 100 happy days .

The first big thing was our wedding and moving to US. We got married on Jan 31st. Jay flew back in two weeks. I joined him in a month’s time. Not even in my dreams did I think I will visit US, leave alone stay here. America was never a part of my dreams. But God had some other plans. I landed in US. Honestly, pre-marriage, I had watched only less than a dozen Hollywood movies. I had no clue what this whole America thing is or what it will look alike. So, everything I saw or experienced here was something new to me.

It was Spring here in US when I came. Jay gifted me an iPhone. I remember the initial days, I have photographed every possible thing I saw and had sent them to my friends and family back in India. I have mentioned earlier here that I have no close friends or family here in US. So my friends and family was as interested as me in everything. Sitting miles and miles away across the seven seas, they have given me a biggg surprise on my birthday. We cut a cute cake and dined out:) Jay’s BFF and wife visited us on his birthday from Seattle. His friends here came home at dot 12 midnight with the cake. I can never forget the birthday bumb they gave him. I was the photographer 😉

Then the summer hit mildly. Autumn came shedding leaves, leaving a feast for eyes with the beautiful green to orange to yellow everywhere.

Jay took me also, somebody who is least interested in sports and games, to badminton. Nothing much had improved from my side in this 8 months :p But we still continue to be regular. Even on those chilly autumn evenings.

On travel side, we had travelled so much. We could cover almost the whole of West Coast. We have discovered so much about ourselves on those innumerous short and long trips. That deserves a separate post.  We headed out every weekend when the weather was good. We went touristy on *every* long weekend. The trip to LA was our first long drive. We have been to Universal Studios, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Las Vegas ( and did the adventurous Skyjump), Utah. Experienced my first snow. We could also peep into the Western specialities like pumpkin patch and halloween.

After long 15 years (15 years? oh.. that makes me feel so old), I started swimming again. It was a good year on hobby front as well. I could find more time in pursuing them. I quilled more and more. I discovered my love for fridge magnets. I did a couple of bottle art (a few more here).   I made a burlap wreath for Christmas. I did a stitch kit.

I, for the first time in my life started cooking. For Onam, I cooked a mini sadhya at home. I developed so many friendships. A few were difficult to part. We had some awsome neighbors too.  For the first time, I cooked for a group outside family. I then dared to cook for Jay’s office potluck too. 😉 I, who never knew the difference between microwave and oven baked cakes and cookies manyatimes. I celebrated Diwali for the first time. I joined college again and took up something which I always loved. We decorated our home for Christmas with lights, snowman I and II.

 Overall, it was a happy year.. 🙂


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