100 Happy Days 2015 · Me and Jay times

Day 69 of 100 Happy Days – Cars and me

Happiness is myself in driving seat..

While applying for Adhar card, they asked me to provide all other IDs I have, so that they can link everything to it. It was then that I realised I have just a Voters’ id card. Then I was on an ID making spree. Applied for passport. Joined a driving school just for the purpose of getting DL ( to use as an ID). Once I got the DL, I never touched the steering again. My parents never had a car. I have tried my luck once in my BIL’s car and he wondered how I got the licence.

I can’t identify the cars unlike Jay who can identify the brand, the model, the year of manufacture, the exact color and god knows what other things about a car in just one glance.. I can at the most identify the brand looking at the logo. Period. Over this one year ride with him, I have heard him talking about many cars we see on the road – esp the new models. I am also enriched with some terminologies like hatchback, sedan, four wheel drive and so on..

Jay was supposed to pick me up from a point and I was waiting in front of a restaurant. It was getting dark and I was feeling irritated as he is not turning up. I placed myself and my backpack on a chair from where I can see the vehicles entering the complex, so that I can walk to the driveway by the time he is there. For every red car (of different brand as well) that turned to the complex, I thought it is ours and started walking to the driveway only to see cars zoom past me..

The city we live here in US is having good public transportation. So, there was no pressing need to actually learn driving for me. I kept asking Jay too many questions about the traffic sign boards / rules whenever we are driving. When the number of questions went beyond limits, he asked ( read requested) me to appear for Learners’ License Test here. Then I took Learners’ License. I drove in the empty roads for some time and left it. A couple of days back, Jay brought out the topic again.  DL.  I was comfortable with driving in the empty roads by then.  Last night, I had a sudden urge to drive the car.  We were on the way for Badminton. I said I wana drive. Though he initially thought I was kidding, he later agreed to lt me drive back home. I drove 4.2 miles. That too at night. With normal traffic on the road. Jay had sore throat, out of yelling, by the time we reached home. 😝 I did it again today. N today I was not tensed at all. Yipeeee.. 😊😊😊


6 thoughts on “Day 69 of 100 Happy Days – Cars and me

  1. Awesome Jo!! 🙂 I dont even have a 4 wheeler DL, forget driving the car 😀 by the way, S is an exact replica of Jay when it comes to car. During our journey to Chennai, he would keep pointing at different cars on the road and I would have to guess it correctly. Just like you, I can tell the brand only after seeing the logo 😀 Thanks to him, I now have some gyaan on cars 😀

    Lol at Jay having sore throat 😀 😀 *sorry*

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