100 Happy Days 2015 · Friends

Day 64 of 100 Happy Days – Girls’ time

Happiness is girls’ time together.

Since the kids are having their Christmas holidays, you can see them running around all the time inspite of the cold weather. They don’t like staying at home all the time. Kids complaint that they get bored staying at home all the time. Mummys are concerned that kids become restless out of boredom and are forced to let them play outside. As this is the case in almost every house, the mummys (and me too) decided to bring together the kids at one place and let them play. This seems to be working. The kids share their toys and remain inside an apartment. They are having fun. And we girls are getting some time to sit down and chat away. We talk about the cooking, kids’ school, new deals, cheaper apartments etc. Since I am the youngest , I get advices about married life, parenthood and what not.. 😉 We are having a good time 🙂


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