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Day 56 of 100 Happy Days- Ulli sambar

Happiness is trying a new dish.

I am not a big fan of sambar. Period.

I have cooked sambar just once in my 9 months of stay here, for Onam. When MIL was here, she had prepared it twice. And she herself had to have and finish it off. When she finally finished it the second time she cooked, she declared that she is not gona make it again as nobody is interested in it.. 😆 Jay  likes rice only with a non veg side. And sometimes with some of his favorite veg curries like pachadi. As we buy non veg only on weekends, he eats rice only on weekends. With dosa, idly and uthappam, its always different kinds of chutneys here. That said, neither me nor Jay has even uttered the word Sambar for a long time now..

I have some leftover sambar podi and was planning to try sambar again in a day or two for I did not want to waste it. And coincidently GB posted the recipe of Ulli sambar last day on her food blog. The recipe sounded pretty easy and I gave it a try. The husband was welcomed home by the smell of sambar today, after ages. He couldn’t believe his nose and came directly to kitchen to make sure it is sambar only. 😉😉

The dish was a huge hit and we are planning to give it a re-entry real soon. I am happy that it came out well. Thanks GB for the recipe.


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