100 Happy Days 2015 · Me and Jay times

Day 55 of 100 Happy Days- Blog anniversary 

Happiness is blog anniversary.

Today was actually a dull day for me.. Lot of things are going on in my mind. Lot of decisions has to be taken immediately, in a very dynamic environment. I had been thinking for the most part of the day. When Jay came back, we both discussed over it, but couldn’t come up with a decision. On top of it, I have swollen eyes too. Not sure why it appears in winter.

I have to record this change of Jay also here. Over this one year, he has started believing in astronomy, vasthu, drishti and stuff religiously. I mean I also believe in the science. But I can’t check everything with astrology. I go by my gutt feeling. He has started to worry when people say oh, why did you take a south facing house? Or why are you lighting the lamp in the bedroom ? I try convincing him that all these vasthu thingie can be checked only when we buy a house of our own, not when we lease something which is purely based on our convenience. He doesn’t look convinced though. I have a skin problem which worsened when I started using the pool here. The pool water is high in chlorine. I am still having white patches all over my hands. Again last month, when we parked the car at badminton court, some car touched ours and left a bad scratch. The guy left with no contact info to claim the insurance. Jay connected that too as an effect of staying in a south facing house, which somebody had planted in his mind. When something like this get into our mind, we automatically start connecting everything to it. Sigh!

Just when I log into WordPress thinking what to post today, it said my blog is turning 4 today.. Though I ignored the blog for initial 3 years, I am happy that I have been regular this year..



4 thoughts on “Day 55 of 100 Happy Days- Blog anniversary 

  1. Hugs Jo. Hope everything turns out ok. Happy blogoversary! 🙂
    Coming to the topic, S or I dont believe in stuff like this but both our parents do. When we started our life in Bangalore, we took the first house we could find and it was a west facing one. There was absolutely no vasthu. Infact, where they had to be pooja room, there was toilet. For three years we didnt use that bathroom but God had different plans. The other bathroom broke and we had to use this one. Everyone pointed these vaasthu issues to our problems in general. Thankfully we moved to a better place. Though vasthu didnt help us this place is more airy and bright with right neighbours , so that made a difference.
    As you said, once the idea is planted it is difficult not to think of it.

    1. Thanks for the wish GB. Even Jay was not a believer. When the people around him keep repeating the same thing, it got into his mind somehow! Sigh!
      True that people start linking all our problems to it. As if people taking caring of all these aspects live a problem free life. Lol. Glad that you could find a better and convenient place 🙂

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