100 Happy Days 2015 · Family

Day 51 of 100 Happy Days- Crafty niece

Happiness is neice ..

..taking over your crafty genes..

Niece1 is 5 years. She loves art and craft. We both have done so much of crafting whenever we met. Now I miss her n ahe misses me.. On every other Skype she checks with me on when am I coming back to India. Since, I haven’t planned anything I ask her to come to US 😉😉.  Now she nags her parents on this. 😃😃

Whenever I come across some craft which I think she might be interested in, I sent my sis or BIL. AND I make sure to pass the info to my niece. Otherwise, they will just delete it and act as if nothing had happened. 😠 Smart people, u know..

Recently, I have collected some Christmas crafts for kids on Pinterest and have shared the board with my sis. I keep checking with my sis everyday on when is she planning to start the Christmas craft. With the younger one turning naughtier day by day, she find it hard to even open the craft box it seems. I went on pinning more and more stuff, as I came across..

And see what I wake up to this morning..


Ofcourse I can see my sister’s touch here and there. But still I am happy that my little one has got interest in crafting things!!


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