100 Happy Days 2015 · Me and Jay times

Day 50 of 100 Happy Days- hubby works

Happiness is husband doing household chores.

As I am busy held up with my portfolio, I hardly find time to do the household chores. I ran out of batter and soaked rice for grinding. But couldn’t make it. Bread and butter / jam or upma or cornflakes was the standard breakfast through the week. As I sleep late, I find it difficult to get up early. Blame the weather as well. 😉 He eats with no complaints. Dinner is some quick dish. Tonight he himself made curd rice and omlet for dinner. He cleans the kitchen. He moves the utensils to the sink for cleaning. He picks up things and return them to its place..

Now, he is formatting my portfolio text.. Lots of tables n images.. Huh.. Not my cup of tea.. 😝😝

Friday.. Please come fast.. I want my winter break..


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