100 Happy Days 2015

Day 44 of 100 Happy Days – Good news from Chennai

Happiness is good news.

Finally after days and days of downpour, there is some good news coming from Chennai. I felt so down and helpless reading about the the news from Chennai. FB was flooded with details about people who were stranded in their houses, without food – pregnant ladies, kids, old people. The downpour has shaken Chennai like anything. These are the times when money is of no use. Then reading through the comments and the today’s post.. I felt glad that people are rescued and lots of volunteers are in action. Lots of people are offering shelter, food, medicine to the needy. Lots of people are going out of their way to help people. People who are away from Chennai are also giving their hand by recharging the phones, sharing the ways to charge the phones using AAA batteries, sharing the FB posts regarding rescue houses, tagging the people who can offer help etc. Excellent team work!

Kudos to all the great souls! may God bless them. Humanity still exists.

Stay safe Chennai.


2 thoughts on “Day 44 of 100 Happy Days – Good news from Chennai

  1. Humanity does exist Jo. I have been on twitter ever since these floods started.. I have seen through a 100 distress calls and the joy that washes over, when someone is rescued or help being offered – priceless.

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