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Day 43 of 100 Happy Days – Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon

Happiness is watching sunrise from a boat from the middle of a lake

Day 3

Our first stop for the day was Lake Powell, the second largest man-made reservoir by maximum water capacity in the United States. it was wonderful watching the sunrise from the boat in the middle of the lake. The lake is serene, peaceful and beautiful. Just see the pics.






We had to walk steep uphill from the boat station to our bus. I was tired after a few steps. Jay challenged me for a running race. When he challenged me, how can I quit. We ran. We ran all the way up, without taking a break. He pushed me further whenever I slowed down. Not to say, he won. I was panting like a dog. Our next destination was Antelope Canyon, the paradise for professional photographers.  It was just 10 minutes  away from the Lake. I was still panting. How fit a physique ah! I was hungry as well. I was not in a mood to take pics and all. I somehow wanted to go back to the bus and sit in peace for some time. Here are a few pics.




The day ended with hiking to Horse shoe bend



We headed back to Vegas and drove back to SFO next day. 4 days – 2 time zones – 4 states and lots of colorful memories. We, wives, had good laugh throughout the trip as the husbands were pulling each others leg recollecting childhood memories. 😀 😀

 Our friends left next day morning. We promised them that we will visit their place real soon..


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