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Day 42 of 100 Happy Days – My first snow – Bryce Canyon National Park

Happiness is first snow.

Jay, while his stay in East coast for 3 years had experienced the snow. When he shares his snow memories, I also wanted to see it. The maximum temperature dip marked at the place we stay is -1. When Jay said that the weather forecast in Utah is upto -11 degree celcius on the days of our stay there, I was actually excited. jay was also happy that, I could finally see snow.

After Zion National Park, we headed to Bryce Canyon National Park. The pictures will speak the rest.




We played in the snow for some time. We made balls with snow and threw at each other. Our hands were numb, but still we didn’t stop. The four of us were like kids, chasing each other with a snow ball. It was fun. We totally loved it. In our group, I was the only one who did not see snow before. I was super excited.

I wished to see snow. But I could also see snow shower and snow storm. The driver had a hard time driving through the snow covered road, that too with the snow storm.


Then we travelled from Utah to Arizona and stayed in Page, AZ.


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