100 Happy Days 2015 · Family

Day 38 of 100 Happy Days – Teaching MIL how to whatsapp

Happiness is teaching MIL to whatsapp

When MIL was here with me early this year, she has seen me sending pics to my Sis, Amma and SIL and they sending me the pics / messages. She started showing interest in Whatsapp by reading my chats with SIL and Jay’s family group. I taught her a bit of Whatsapp, how to FaceTime and Skype, FB chat and all that. I taught her how to post pictures on FB, how to search for an episode of her favourite TV serials and so on. After going back to India, she started messaging me on FB. She was still not comfortable with Whatsapp. We use to exchange a few words on something over FB Messenger almost on all days. Soon I bought FIL also a smartphone of his choice. Meanwhile, I sent her jokes or some random forwards on Whatsapp too, which she doesnt check regularly. Whenever she sees, she replies in a word or two. One fine morning I got a forward message from her in Whatsapp. I couldn’t believe. Then I added her to Jay’s family group in which her siblings are all active. Now, on each phone call home, she comes up with a set of questions. Last day when I called, she asked, how do you send that yellow face? I tried a lot. I am not getting that in Whatsapp (She knows how to send stickers on FB Messanger.)

Yes, she was talking about the smilies. Now MIL and FIL spend quite some time in Whatsapp also. Today when I ping her, what are you doing Amma, FIL replied, we are chatting with so and so.. I was like

Tech savy in-laws after my tech-savvy amma.


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