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Day 37 of 100 Happy Days – SkyJump

Happiness is trying out adventurous stuff.

This is a post which was peacefully sleeping in the drafts for a long long time.

We were planning to do a long drive for July 4th weekend. Checking out various options, we finally decided on Las Vegas, The Entertainment Capital of the World. A’s family also decided to join us. There were just 3 days gap between this trip and Los Angeles trip. Initially we were in full josh that we can drive to Vegas as well. But everything vanished after our LA trip. After 350 miles (one way) drive to LA, we were so tired. Vegas is another 535 miles from our place. Since it is a long drive, we didn’t want to squeeze into their car. We checked tickets for flight, bus, train and every possible option. Nothing worked out. When A’s husband came to know of this, he was particular that we all will go in one car only. Though we were reluctant initially, we finally knoded. I didn’t know her well then. We just had a hi-bye relation. I couldn’t imagine doing a long drive with a person whom I hardly knew.

I am a person who enjoys long drives. Now Jay also enjoys. We have a collection of fast numbers exclusively for long drives. We have even downloaded some Punjabi songs with fast beats. We play them and we sing along (who cares about the lyrics). Or we sing some random songs at the top of our voice that people start looking at us through the rolled up windows as we stop at the signals. Or we talk non stop.        

Having no other option, we decided to join them. In less than a couple of hours, we discovered that they are not any less crazy as us. It was an unforgettable trip. It was during this trip, that I discovered one can kill A by tickling. When we all go silent, I just tickle her and she will laugh for another half an hour. This was a major timepass for me. We took 12 hours with all the jam and stuff to reach Vegas. We stopped at every possible photo locations and posed for pics. It was late night by the time we reached there. We had a quick dinner and slept off.

A and Jay are adventure lovers. I was not sure about my state, since I had not tried any. While having the breakfast on next day, A mentioned that she wana try Skyjumping. Jay seconded and all eyes were on me. Since A’s husband has a phobia for heights, he was sure about his decision. I was like sky what? Before I could figure out what “Skyjump” is, we were standing at the ticket counter of Stratosphere. The highest adventure stuff I have ever done is riding the small giant wheels which come for local fair in my hometown. And the highest I have jumped so far is from bed to the floor. Standing in the ticket counter, I tried to take out my phone and Google. The phone automatically went inside my pockets seeing the stares given by Jay and A. I looked around to see the pics and read the info displayed there.

SkyJump Las Vegas holds the Guinness World Record for highest commercial decelerator descent with an official height of 829 ft (253 m) and is located at Stratosphere Las Vegas. Riders of SkyJump Las Vegas are given a short safety lesson and suited up in a Stratosphere custom “jump suit.” I could feel my heart in the stomach. I asked Jay, “are you sure? Are we doing this?” He did not let me back out. My hands were shivering when I signed the declaration form for waiver of responsibility in case of accidents. All dressed up, we were taken to the 108th floor. We posed for a couple of pics. The package includes one jump, a Wristcam DVD recording of the event, and a photo of the high flyer. Jumpers are harnessed in and attached to a cable that is connected to a descender machine. The rider is then led to the edge of a small platform where they will leap out and descend the Stratosphere Tower. Guide wires keep the Skyjumper on course and on target. Just prior to reaching the rapidly approaching ground, the machine slows the rider down, bringing them to a controlled landing.

Among the three of us, Jay went first. As soon as the guide said “Go”, this guy just disappeared. Before I could digest it, I am seeing A jumping. Next is my turn. Before jumping, the final thing Jay told me was, “it is completely your wish. If you are feeling uncomfortable, just back out. Don’t think of the $$$ we paid and all.” I told the guide that I am scared. He laughed at me. He said, “You will be completely safe and you will have fun”. He guided me to the edge of the platform. Standing at the 108th floor, I could feel the power of the wind. The road looked like a ribbon down there. The vehicles looked like small soap boxes. He told me to leave the hands once I hear his “Go”. I held my hands tightly on the side bars. He said 1..2..3.. go. I was still there. He said “Go” again. I slowly took off one leg from the platform. But didn’t leave the sidebars. I shouted ammmeeeee….. he said “go” the third time. I was still there. Then he slowly pulled up the lever and I was up in the air, with no other choice but to leave the hands and fly. I did it. Don’t forget that everything is getting recorded in my wrist cam. I shouted ammeee initially. Once I was comfortable, I started saying Yeeeee, I did it.. And in no time, I safe landed. Infact, I was asked to stretch the legs when we are about to hit the ground. Since I was not looking down, I didn’t understand that I was about to land. So I landed on my knees. But  I was safe as the machine slows down when we are approaching the ground. I couldnt believe when the crew member at the bottom said, YOU DID IT.

Scene at the ground when I was standing at the edge even after getting the “Go” multiple times:

There was a countdown announcement it seems. Even after 2000 years after the countdown, there was no sign of me. :p Jay thought I backed out. And when finally I gained all the courage and jumped – but happened to fall on my knees – these stupid people were laughing at me. Cheapos! We got the video in a pendrive and a certificate. Everybody were eager to rush to the room to play my video. And no prize for guessing what happened next.. They were laughing the whole day. Jay circulated it to all my friends and cousins too. Everybody had a good laugh seeing my initial expressions. Grrrr.. How mean.

But I am proud that I didn’t back out. Proud that I did it, evenif I took time to start. 😀

We saw the July 4th special fireworks infront of Bellagio. Had lots of fun posing at the Madame Tussauds Museum. And finally the 12 hour drive back. This trip made us all really close. We were happy we decided to go in one car. This whole trip and the adventure was a once in a lifetime experience.

Oh ya.. we did gambling too. Invested $1 and got 10 cents 😉


8 thoughts on “Day 37 of 100 Happy Days – SkyJump

  1. Wowowow!!! 🙂 I would have never done that – big kudos to you for baking out. I once cried my lungs out in that space shuttle ride in VGP. I literally begged that guy to stop the ride and everyone (including S) was having good fun looking at me. The guy operating the machine, kept increasing the speed for every cry I gave 🙂 The entire day, everyone was laughing at me and I was so mad 😀 Till date, S never opens his mouth about VGP 😛 Oh yeah, this was before we got married and we all went on a trip to VGP with my sister and all of S’s siblings & cousins.

    1. I know how much fun the people around us will be having when we are scared.. Been there.. Lol.. 😀 Hope you had fun at the end of the day 🙂

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