100 Happy Days 2015 · Me and Jay times

Day 33 of 100 Happy Days- Sunday lunch

Happiness is Kerala food. 

It has been almost 9 months since I left Kerala. Though I cook Kerala dishes regularly, I crave for the nadan Kerala dishes. Eventhough there are many Indian, esp South Indian restruants, in Bay area, we couldn’t find a Kerala restruant here. Recently, Jay had a sent off party of a Malayalee colleague from a Kerala restruant, which is a bit far off. Since then, he has been describing the taste of food served there. I wanted to go too. But since its in an area which we rarely visit, it never happened. So, this became another international issue at home. Finally, Jay decided to take me there today. 

It was a buffet lunch. It had veg pakoda, chicken 65, idiyappam, kadala curry, malabar poratta, rice, sambar, morucurry, egg curry, nadan chicken curry, beef curry, fish curry, pappadam, butter chicken, payasam n so on. I don’t know how many Idiyappams I ate. Idiyappam was something I could never make here. Though I brought the mould, the holes are too small and I failed inspite of repeated attempts. I ate n ate n ate n ate everything.  I literally found it difficult to get up from my seat and walk out as my stomach was soooo full. I am eating this heavy after a long long time. 


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