100 Happy Days 2015 · College · Friends

Day 31 of 100 Happy Days -Teamwork 

Happiness is teamwork.

IMG_5913The tutor always always emphasized on teamwork from the very beginning. She says, Sharing is caring. More than what we are individually, what we are in a group is assessed here. We, a group of 5, decided to share the back-home preparations. This gave all of us a lot of time to concentrate on other things. Since the foundation is laid, our work was just to customize it according to our style. Initially, I had difficulty in following the tutor’s accent. I miss half of the things. These wonderful people had always helped me whenever I was lagging behind.

Now, Fall quarter is coming to an end and we have a take home exam due. Tutor circulated the question paper last day. Yesterday, we met at a nearby library and discussed the paper. Of course, we have to answer the paper all ourselves. But we discussed the major points to be covered. It reminded me of my degree days, where we use to sit down for project discussion, which ends up in all topics other than the project. 😉 This is the first time I am meeting the college friends outside college. There were times when we were distracted by other topics. But we really had a good time. Thanks to all the husbands who were babysitting the little ones at late evening, when their mothers were busy with the discussion. 

Looking forward for more of such meetings.. 😀 😀


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