100 Happy Days 2015 · Amma n Achan · Family · Sweet memories

Day 28 of 100 Happy Days – Achan and Amma 

Happiness is seeing parents happy.

My mom was working for 29 years as a teacher and has retired in March 2015. She woke up as early as 5 o clock and made breakfast and lunch and left for school. Even on the days I was at home, I had never bothered to help her in the kitchen. I sleep til 9 o clock. I understood the difficulty of running a house only when I got married and stay separate from them. She was a super woman indeed!

I stayed in hostel for the last eight years. I went home atleast once in a month. I was always there for them evenafter my sister moved to Hyderabad post marriage. And amma was working. She was busy. She retired two months after my marriage. And I moved to a different country too. She is suffering a huge empty nest syndrome. She misses work. She terribly misses her girls. She knows that we both are happy with our family, but still.  She is a quick learner. I bought her a smartphone before I left for US and gave the basic lessons of whatsapp. She keeps asking some doubts whenever I or sis call her. She knew little bit of Skype as well. Now she uses Whatsapp, FB messenger, Google Hangout and Skype to keep in touch with us. My sister keeps telling them to come and stay with her for some time. But they have many commitments back home. She has a garden, some vegetable farming and all. My dad has a cow. Having a pet is like having a baby. Leaving it with another person for long time is not good also.

They are getting older. My dad retired when I was in Class VII, 12 years back. He has settled down with his retirement plan. He keeps himself engaged. We built our house after his retirement only. He was busy with that. He was working as a Principal for two years then. Then sister got married. He is passionate about local breed cows. He bought a cow and is busy with that. My mom keeps worrying about something or the other. My marriage was the issue for the last couple of years. I got married and is leading a happy life now.Now her worry is that I can’t work here. It is the law of the country that H4 Visa holders cannot work. Since we have no long term plans in US, we are not thinking of looking out for consultancies to get my visa converted too. She keeps telling me this and worries unnecessarily. I am afraid if her BP will shoot up. Her cholestrol is on higher side too.  She over thinks, gets worried and loses sleep.

And sister and myself discuss all these with each other and end up knowing that we can’t do much about it.. Sigh! They worry about us when we were young and we worry about them when they are old..

Since my BIL was travelling for the last couple of weeks, my parents were on duty at sister’s place. Last month sis and BIL took them on a trip to Kulu-Manali from Hyderabad. They had a nice time there.. Not to say, I felt all homesick. Now they are happily spending time with grandchildren.. Amma and achan seems happy now. Whenever I call / skype, they have lots to tell now, as against the otherwise nothing special tone. And we are also happy 😊


2 thoughts on “Day 28 of 100 Happy Days – Achan and Amma 

  1. Seeing parents happy makes us really happy isnt it? Of late, I am hit by this parents getting old worry as well. Thankfully they are staying with sister now so I have one thing less to worry about.

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