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Day 27 of 100 Happy Days – Burlap wreath

Happiness is crafting things.

I came across the idea of wreath making at Pinterest first. By seeing the tutorial, I felt it is not as complicated as it looks. So it went to my ‘to-DIY God knows when ‘ list with many other things.

Something that impressed me about the people here is the way they enjoy / celebrate. We have a small park nearby. On every weekend, I see some get together there. People come in groups. They cook. They play loud music and sing along. They dance.  They have fun. On Halloween, everybody right from new borns to great grandparents dressed up. Every house had a scary thing in their courtyard. Came fall – every house was decorated in fall theme. Now Christmas & Thanksgiving items have hit the store. They live in the present.

On a visit to the dollar store during the onset of autumn season, I noticed the wreath frame and red burlap ribbon and immediately recalled the burlap wreath from my to-do list. I bought a frame n one roll of ribbon and tried instantly. But I ran out of the ribbon and left it half way.

Saturday, Jay took me to a craft shop n the first thing I bought was burlap ribbon.

And here is what I made 

I attached the fabric Santa which goes with the burlap shade and hung it on our front door:

I know its too early for Christmas decor. But I am too impatient, u know 😉😉😝

Waiting for Santa now.. 🎅


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