100 Happy Days 2015 · Amma n Achan · Family

Day 24 of 100 Happy Days – Sister

Happiness is having a sister.

My sister is 7 years elder to me. But we have had a hell of siblings fight.

Ever since our size of clothes and shoes matched, the one bought by sis can be used by myself and vice versa. Then we fight over it . The visits to her place was never complete without a raid in her closet. She would yell, no, don’t take it. I would yell back, y not.. U have been wearing this for sooo long. Now its my turn.. Same happens on her visit to mine (before marriage). There have been instances where I took off from work and went home just to make sure that my clothes are safe. On some other days, I have made her re-open the packed suitcase to see if she has taken any “unapproved” dresses. Having said that.. We have exchanged clothes an n number of times..

We can talk through eyes and sign language which only both of us can understand. Sarcasm is our official language of conversation. I don’t remember us appreciating each other straight on face. We do that through sarcasm. None other than us can mess with each other. We fight with each other and can fight against the whole world for each other.

My BIL was here in US on a short trip. He couldn’t come to our place and flew back yesterday. I had bought some stuff for sis and kids and had sent to his hotel address. Sis, parents and kids were all happy happy to see the gifts. Sis and mom are fighting for the handbag and table mats I had sent. 😀 Niece 1 is waiting for the christmas celebration at her school so that she can show the Santa Calus hair bow to her friends. I miss my darling kids all the more now 😀


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